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The Better India
Here’s Why Milkha Singh Is Backing the Country’s First Wheelchair Basketball Team
OCT 18: The Indian contingent at the Rio Paralympics in 2016 fetched the country two gold medals, one silver and one bronze.
The Economic Times
Electric Dreams
A number of startups are fuelling a quiet revolution in the market for electric two-wheelers by taking advantage of falling component prices, government support and rising consumer interest in clean technology, finds J Vignesh
The Better India
Bangalore Rock Band to Celebrate 20th Anniversary by Training 1,500 Underprivileged Kids in Music
OCT 14: The members of Bangalore-based rock band Thermal and a Quarter talked to The Better India about their 20th anniversary and raising funds to give musical training to underprivileged kids.
Scoop Whoop
India’s Wheelchair Basketball Team Needs To Get To Thailand. And They Need Your Help
OCT 13: For a team of differently-abled basketball players, which is set to represent the country at an international event, financial constraints were turning out to be a roadblock.
The Better India
They’re not surgeons. But this father-son duo helped 100 blind women in Telangana see again.
OCT 13: As a school student Sathvik Reddy did not know how to extend his support to social causes, apart from donating money to individual charities and NGOs.
The Hindu
Money is only barrier for wheelchair basketball players
CHENNAI, OCT 12: At Sathyabama University, over 20 young men from across the country are on wheelchairs, playing basketball.
India's Paralympic Basketball Team Seeks Help For International Debut
OCT 10: India's under-23 wheelchair basketball players don't have funds to participate in the world championship.
Times of India
This band performs to make a difference
BENGALURU, OCT 9: Music is said to heal in many ways--it not only makes people happier but also keeps the brain healthy
The Hindu
On a mission to restore vision
HYDERABAD, OCT 6: Teenager uses crowd-funding to help 100 women get cataract surgery
The Better India
This 20-Year-Old Is Crowd-funding an Experimental Film Set in Post-Apocalyptic India
OCT 5: Athul Prabhakaran became acquainted with the camera when he was just 12 years old. But, soon after, he went on to make nine short films in different languages: English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.
One World South Asia
Rebuilding lives of kids of Mumbai terror attack victims
MUMBAI, SEPT 30: On the 26th of November 2008, Peer Pasha Mehboob Ali Shaikh, went to work as usual at the Leopold Café in Mumbai. However, he never made it home again.