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Crowdfunding in India Crowdfunding in India Crowdfunding in India Crowdfunding in India Crowdfunding in India
Crowdfunding in India
How crowdfunded Spero has made a cycle that can double up as an electric bike
BENGALURU, JULY 9: Come the third week of August you could potentially own SPERO, an electric bike with a difference.
Crowdfunding in India
India'a first crowdfunded e-bike launched for Rs 29,999
BENGALURU, JULY 9: The bike can accelerate from 0-25kmph in just 10 seconds.
Crowdfunding in India
भारतीय ने बनाई इलैक्ट्रिक साइकिल, एक बार चार्ज कर चल सकती है 100 कि.मी.
JULY 10: Spero-Electric-bikeक्राऊडफंडिग के जरीए बनाया गया भारत का पहला ईको-फ्रैंडली इलैक्ट्रिक बाइसाइकिल Spero लांच हो गया है।
Crowdfunding in India
Save on fuel, cut carbon footprint with this e-bike
BENGALURU, JULY 8: This crowd-funded electric bike, Spero, can possibly address, to some extent, the growing vehicular pollution in the city.
Crowdfunding in India
India’s first crowdfunded electric bike project unveiled
BENGALURU, JULY 8: Milltex Engineers’s Spero electric bicycle is powered by a 48-volt battery powerful enough to run the bike 100km on a single charge at 25km/h
Crowdfunding in India
Meet Spero, India'a first crowdfunded e-bike
JULY 8: The Spero is up for pre-order and has a maximum range of 30km on a single charge
Crowdfunding in India
Spero electric bike lunched in India from Rs 29,999 onwards
JULY 8: This E-Bike will be available in 3 different models pre-order price in India starts from Rs. 29,900 to Rs. 50,900.
Crowdfunding in India
This e-bike is crowdfunded
BENGALURU, JULY 8: Spero, the e-bike, was launched in Bengaluru on Friday
Crowdfunding in India
Crowdfunding Fundas: A website to help people to fulfill their dreams
HYDERABAD, JULY 1: Ranganath Thota’s crowdfunding site FuelADream.com helps people with ideas and needs realise their dreams.