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Introducing Crowd Favourites from Fueladream. For the first time ever in India you can pre-order successful crowdfunded products that have earned the backing of discerning funders. Discover a world of electric bikes, smart wallets, travel jackets, coffee table books and other cool innovations.

  • It is easy for you to commit to backing these campaigns as they are proven success stories.
  • The comments on the campaign page post the campaign give you a very good idea of product quality and shipping timelines.
  • These campaigns have also delivered on or ahead of schedule and hence have a very negligible risk of delayed shipping’s.
  • Unlike typical crowdfunding campaigns that ship 60 to 120 days after campaign start date – these ship between 20 to 60 days depending on the category (so while jackets will ship in 20 days, an E-bike will ship in 60 days as certain components are imported).
  • Shipping is also faster as we pay the campaign owners every 15 days unlike a traditional 45-day campaign where payments are made 10 working days after the campaign ends.
  • A successful campaign is just the initial step towards fuelling your dreams! Now, with Crowd Favourites, you can continue the momentum of a campaign while you focus on producing and shipping to funders who backed your initial campaign.
  • By getting your products on Crowd Favourites, you are reaching out to a whole new set of audience, as existing and new visitors can see your products long after the campaign end-date.
  • You can choose to run your campaign for as long as you like as these campaigns do not have any DURATION or FUNDING GOAL targets.
  • This means you don’t need to invest in setting up an e-commerce enabled website or focus on setting up a retail presence while you are still grappling with shipping and production related issues.
  • Payments are made to you every 15 days.
What's the difference between regular campaigns and those on Crowd Favourites?

Regular campaigns are fundraising campaigns that support innovations, causes, events etc. and come with respective campaign goals and deadlines. Once campaigns meet their initial goal, if campaign owners choose, they can continue raising funds in the Crowd Favourites section.

These are usually campaigns in the IDEAS space and involve products. Also, once featured on Crowd Favourites, there will be no goals or deadlines associated with the campaign.

Are the fees different?

Yes, they are. While normal campaigns have a 6% crowdfunding charges these campaigns have a 11% fee. Payment gateway fees (3%) and GST are extra. The cost is higher as we process funds more frequently and also because you as a campaign owner need to give us just a 7- day notice to stop the campaign and take it down. So there is no definite tenure for us as a platform. In addition, we will promote this entire section and will incur costs to do so.

When will the collected funds be rolled out?

Funds raised under Crowd Favourites will be sent to the campaign owner once every 15 working days.

Is the cancellation policy for funders different when campaigns are in the Crowd Favourites section?

For normal campaigns, funders can cancel their funding within 7 days of funding a campaign (except in the last 10 days of a campaign). In Crowd Favourites no cancellation of funding is allowed.

Will Fueladream help promote my campaign specifically?

Fueladream has run many end-to-end, cost-effective, successful promotional campaigns and can promote your campaign specifically. We use a mix of social media and PR. We charge additional amounts for this. The additional fee will vary depending on what services are provided and your product category. Send us an email at getintouch@fueladream.com and our team will connect with you.

If I've raised funds on other platforms for a campaign, can I post the same on Fueladream.com under the Crowd Favourites section?

Any crowdfunding campaign that’s reached its goal, irrespective of the platform, is eligible to be listed under Crowd Favourites. However, once you are on Fueladream.com, you are not to simultaneously run the same campaign on other crowdfunding sites as it reduces the efficacy of the campaign communication .

An additional 3% charges are applicable for campaigns that were hosted on other platforms.

Can I price my products lower than what I priced them in the crowdfunding campaign?

No, that’s not allowed. Pricing of products on Crowd Favourites needs to be equal to or higher than the lowest price on your first crowdfunding campaigns. Ideally it should be higher.

What are the costs involved to run a campaign on Crowd Favourites?

  • The Contract charge is 11% plus (GST) of the total funds raised through a Crowd Favourites campaign.
  • Payment gateway charge @ 3% of total funds raised through Crowd Favourites campaign.
  • 18% GST on the above 14% - this will amount to an additional 2.52%
  • If agreed upon, there can be marketing and PR costs. You can opt to do this on your own and not involve us.