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అమ్మ కష్టం చూడలేక అద్భుత యంత్రాన్ని ఆవిష్కరించాడు
HYDERABAD, JAN 16: మల్లేశం ఆశయానికి ఆర్ధిక చేయూతనిస్తున్న ఫుయెల్ ఏ డ్రీం
Times of India
NGO in Chennai to aid of Vardah-hit Pulicat fisherfolk
CHENNAI, JAN 11: After cyclone Vardah raged through the city on December 12, 2016, volunteers of Rapid Response, an NGO, were among the first to swing into action. A day later, they were out on the streets distributing food packets and relief kits.
Telecom Drive
“Smart Devices is at the core of basic design for eRideLite”
JAN, 10: Ajeet Kumar, Founder & CEO, R2H Motors speaks with Zia Askari from TelecomDrive.com about the pace of innovation in the automotive sector and why we need to embrace smart transportation.
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మీరు ఈ కథ చదివితే.. కచ్చితంగా వాళ్లకు సాయం చేయాలనుకుంటారు..
HYDERABAD, JAN 08: గిరిజనగూడేనికి వెలుగు పంచే మహత్కార్యం
Zee News
Mobiles & Gadgets : Battery operated cycle for a healthy life
JAN, 7: Zee Business news reviews the eRideLite.
The Better India
How a School Dropout from Telangana made it to the Forbes List of 7 Powerful Rural Entrepreneurs!
JAN, 4: Chintakindi Mallesham, a Class 6 school dropout from Telangana, has innovated the Laxmi Asu Machine easing the taxing manual process of weaving Pochampally saris and helping weavers increase their production without putting their health at risk.
Zig Wheels
From the forum: An electric bike - eRideLite from R2H - for everyday use!
JAN, 3: Zig Wheels with an indepth test ride cum review
Times of India
Only high praise, no financial help for Forbes list innovator
HYDERABAD, JAN 03: A class 10 dropout who made it to the Forbes list of the seven most powerful rural Indian entrepreneurs should have found the road ahead easy