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India Times
This Is What You Can Do To Send India’s Fastest Wheelchair Half-Marathoner To The 2020 Tokyo Paralympics
FEB 6: Shailesh Kumar is India's fastest wheelchair half-marathoner and his dream is to represent India at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.
Deccan Chronicle
Fuel a dream, give wings to the deserving lot
BANGALORE, FEB 6: Sometimes just having the intent to make a socially relevant move is not enough.
The Better India
India’s Fastest Wheelchair Marathoner Wants to Race in Tokyo Paralympics. Will He Be Able To?
Being the fastest wheel-chair marathoner in India, Shailesh Kumar deserves to represent India at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.
Times Of India
Paralympics aspirant waits for wheelchair
CHENNAI, FEB 4: Making a potent statement about the right to lifeis the second most tenacious thing Shailesh Kumar loves doing on a wheelchair.
Scoop Whoop
How You Can Send India’s Fastest Wheelchair Half-Marathoner To Tokyo Paralympics 2020
"I have always made it a point to never say 'No' to anything challenging in life. I guess that has worked for me," Shailesh Kumar says.
Huffington Post
This Wheelchair-Bound 24-Year-Old Plays Basketball, Trains Others And Is A Talented Marathoner
FEB 3: When misfortune befalls, it does not take into account the time, place and age of a person. Who would know it better than 24 year old Shailesh Kumar.
Gadgets Post
The Spero e-bike can charge while you ride it and is perhaps the best green vehicle in India right now
FEB 2: Electric personal commuting vehicles have gained a strong following in the recent years, thanks to the convenience and ever evolving technology that’s being developed.