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Get a walkthrough of the entire campaign creation process with these 7 simple steps.
  1. 1. Basic Info
  2. 2. Story Details
  3. 3. Rewards
  4. 4. Team
  5. 5. Receipts
  6. 6. Key Links
  7. 7. Submit
Start with the key details - like the title,
funding goal, funding model, etc.
Frame your campaign pitch here, with
images, videos & etc. Click on the
Preview button to see how your
Campaign page is shaping up - anytime!
Set attractive rewards to
incentivise & thank funders
Invite other team members
who are going to help
you run this campaign.
Compose the receipt format &
keep it ready to give funders
after the campaign is over.
Review & submit your campaign
from the Key links page.