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Fueladream.com was launched in Mid April of 2016 and is based in Bengaluru (a.k.a Bangalore).We are a crowdfunding platform and marketplace for individuals, charities and firms that currently aims to raise funds for creative ideas, causes, charities, events and community led activities with a initial focus on India.The parent company is called Fueladream Online Ventures Pvt Ltd.

Campaign owners (those who want to raise funds) can showcase their stories/campaigns and get funders (both individuals and corporates) to support them on our platform. Crowdfunding involves creating a community of people who understand the power of giving and can translate that to making an impact.

Whether funding an idea ( electric bike, smart wallets, music albums, a book, a students robotic project etc) OR helping an NGO/charity ( for empowering women, or feeding children , educating rural kids, funding a orphanage or assisting the elderly) OR raising a helping hand to aid victims of Covid /a flood/cyclone etc OR funding an urgent need for emergency medical expenses you can leverage the services of Fueladream. We understand that there are many necessities and dreams that need to be fuelled.

We have already managed over 750 campaigns since our launch and helped raise over INR 810 mn of funds.

We connect campaign owners to funders in a way that is transparent, engaging and meaningful. We want to spur innovation and social impact and make access to funds easy through crowdfunding in India ; while promoting transparency and accountability. We want to change the traditional methods of how ideas, social impact activities, small business ventures and organisations are funded by making crowdfunding the go-to-method for raising funds in India.

Our vision is to transform how people raise and contribute money for ideas and social causes.
To use technology and local knowledge to simplify raising funds for creative ideas, causes, charities and other sectors. In the process we want to spur innovation, accountability and transparency while creating a marketplace that rewards the truly creative and efficient.
Irrespective of the financial
impact to us.
We will strive to innovate and find better ways of doing things.
We will respect everyone who we deal with and treat them the way we want to be treated.
We value diversity and are committed to equality.
We are committed to a culture
of collaboration and teamwork.
This drives us to serve our customers - both campaign owners and funders.