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Crowdfunding in India Crowdfunding in India Crowdfunding in India Crowdfunding in India Crowdfunding in India
Crowdfunding in India
A quick and healthy commute
JULY 19: The Spero range of electric bikes claim to make commutes in city and outside a breeze
Crowdfunding in India
This Coimbatore-Based Company Is Crowdfunding an Electric Bike
JULY 15: The Spero electric bike, made by Coimbatore based Milltex Engineers, promises to be a smart alternative for the urban commute, but it doesn't come cheap with the base model starting at Rs. 29,900 for the first 30 units
Crowdfunding in India
The First Crowdfunded Electric Bike in India coming alive at FuelADream.com
JULY 14: The SPERO E-bike is ready to revolutionize the way we look at urban travel.
Crowdfunding in India
Inventor's device helps the blind count their bills
JULY 13: A Bengaluru inventor has developed a device that enables the visually impaired to use the length and width of currency notes to distinguish their value.
Crowdfunding in India
India’s 1st Crowd Funded Electric Bike Launched; Runs 11Kms in Just 1 Rupee!
JULY 12: It is not just Elon Musk who is serious about electric vehicles; there are passionate Indian entrepreneurs who are trying with their own capacity to revolutionize this niche within India.
Crowdfunding in India
You can pitch it for a green bicycle
BENGALURU, JULY 12: Coimbatore-based jute machinery technician  Manikandan has designed India’s first crowdfunded eco-friendly electric bike — SPERO.
Crowdfunding in India
Spero E-Bike launched in India – Pre-order price starts from RS. 29,900 to Rs. 50,900.
JULY 9: Spero E-Bike launched in India. It is the first crowd funded electric eco friendly bike. The E-Bike will be available in 3 different models.
Crowdfunding in India
This Coimbatore entrepreneur has launched India's first crowdfunded electric bike
JULY 11: India’s first crowdfunded, eco-friendly electric bike, Spero, was launched recently.