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While contributing
  • You can simply click on any of the Rewards set for different contribution levels & start contributing. For any other amount, you can enter the same above the Contribute button & proceed.
  • Please note that the minimum contribution amount for any crowdfunding campaign on Fueladream is Rs. 100.

  • If you are a registered user, you will need to login/ update your contact details. If you are not a registered user, the registration page will open.
  • In the next step, you will be asked to confirm the contribution & any associated reward.
  • Here is where all Funders get to give their ratings on a 10-point scale for the crowdfunding campaign. This gets aggregated across all Funders for the respective campaign as its CrowdRating. After the campaign is successful, ratings are kept open for Funders to change them, depending on the quality & timeliness of the updates.

    Further, Funders on Fueladream, can also choose to contribute anonymously. By contributing anonymously, your name will not be displayed publicly in the Funder tab of the campaign page, but the name & contact details will be shared with the Campaign owner to enable sending of receipts & rewards.

  • Payment options: You can choose to contribute through any of the following options available
  • Credit/ Debit cards

    Net banking

  • Security: We take security of all information & transactions very seriously. We use SSL encryption technology to encrypt sensitive personal information, such as your payment information & contact details before it travels over the internet. Credit / debit card numbers are never stored on our database or servers.
  • For any issue or query, click on Contact us, at the bottom of the page. You can also write to us directly at - getintouch@fueladream.com.
Before contributing
After contributing