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  • After the contribution is processed by the payment gateway, you will come to an acknowledgment page. Apart from confirming the contribution details, here, you will be able to:
  • Leave a comment for the crowdfunding campaign owners

    Share the crowdfunding campaign on social media

    Click on a link to check how your own contribution is acknowledged in the Funder tab of the crowdfunding campaign page

  • Notifications for your contributions will come to you on email as well as your profile on Fueladream
  • Please take a moment to review your profile. It contains the following:
  • There are two key sections here namely, the public profile section on top (which is displayed to all users) and the summary, feed & activity sections at the bottom (which only you get to see, no one else).

    Having a complete & updated profile on Fueladream will help you connect it to your other social media presence or share with others - it serves as a snapshot of your giving profile!

    n the summary view, you can keep track of all your crowdfunding contributions, and the campaigns you are funding & following on Fueladream. All the campaigns that you have funded on Fueladream are listed with options to contribute more, share on social media, edit your rating or even request a refund. You will also find the summaries of all receipts & rewards from all the campaigns you have contributed to. So, everything in one place!

    In the feed section, you will be updated on the campaigns that you have funded/ following, campaigns that your friends are running or supporting on Fueladream. Activity section will keep a track of your actions on Fueladream. Both are also private by default.

    The power of giving a campaign a good stand in society is in your hands. Now as a funder you have the right to not only rate the campaign but also revise the rating. post funding based on updates provided by the campaign owner on how the funds were used you can revise the rating. We take these ratings very seriously and as an indication of accountability and transparency from the campaign owners.

    Through your profile, you can share the crowdfunding campaign with your friends, either in India or across the world, depending on the type of campaign you have funded. You can get more people involved in crowdfunding, encouraging them to give to various charities or contribute to an idea that can change their lives or get them involved in an event that you know they would be interested in on the Fueladream platform.

  • If a fixed or all-or-nothing campaign is not successful or any campaign gets cancelled, then your contribution will be refunded automatically and you will be notified through email.
  • It is the responsibility of the crowdfunding campaign owner to deliver the promised rewards to all funders both in India and abroad. Please contact them directly for any queries related to reward delivery. If you fail to get a response from the Campaign owner, then please let us know.
  • For any issue or query, click on Contact us, at the bottom of the page. You can also write to us directly at - getintouch@fueladream.com
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