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Press Release
Bangalore, June 24, 2016 Can Crowdfunding Help a Child Say the Word ‘Maa’ for the First Time? VAANI crowdfunds at Fueladream.com to give a voice to the voiceless DOWNLOAD
Bangalore, 22 June, 2016 The legend, AR Rahman tweets to support Olympic dreamer Bhakti Sharma’s campaign on the crowdfunding Platform, Fueladream.com. DOWNLOAD
Bangalore/Mumbai, June 20, 2016 A lifeline canal for 700 drought-hit farmers crowdfunded & ready! Campaign collects INR 3,00,000+ in 10 days. DOWNLOAD
Mumbai, 30th May, 2016 Water Stations for Cattle in Drought Hit Maharasthra being Crowdfunded on Fueladream.com DOWNLOAD
Mumbai, 26th May, 2016 700 drought-hit farmers in Marathawada are building an 8 km canal in 15 days through crowdfunding at Fueladream.com DOWNLOAD
Bangalore, May 2016 Your Rs. 2 can make a huge difference to the visually impaired A simple, pocket-able tool to help them identify all Indian currency notes accurately is coming alive @ FuelADream.com DOWNLOAD
Bangalore, May 2016 The First Crowdfunded Electric Bikes in India coming alive @ FuelADream.com DOWNLOAD