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How to start your campaign
  • After registration, you will need to click on "Start your campaign"
Basic info
  • In this step, we will have to enter crowdfunding campaign title, campaign type, your funding goal, funding model, project location, timelines of your campaign on Fueladream.
  • The unique feature of Fueladream is that the campaign owners are asked to commit to the update frequency before the campaign goes live. This is to let all prospective funders know, the frequency with which they can expect progress updates (weekly, fortnightly or monthly), AFTER the campaign is successful (i.e., it reaches its funding goal). This update frequency is displayed on the Campaign page.
  • Click on "Save" to proceed ahead to the next step.
Story details
  • This is the key part of your crowdfunding campaign, where you compose the story. The campaign title and funding goal is automatically fetched from what was been entered in the previous step - you can edit them here, if needed.
  • The Campaign Title & Summary are one of the first things that will be noticed. So, make sure they give a clear idea of what your campaign is about, in a way that's interesting. Make sure it includes the name of your organisation, NGO, the product you are introducing to the market or the event you are looking to sponsor, in a clear and direct way.
  • Next, upload your campaign lead image & lead video. These are critical visual elements; they will be one of the first things people will notice along with the Campaign Title & Summary. The video will be used right on top of the campaign page (click on the Preview button, at the bottom, to see how your Campaign page is shaping up). The lead image is also a 'signature' element, as it is shown along with the Campaign Title & Summary, when anyone searches for campaigns on the site.
  • Enter the campaign description - here's where you get to narrate your entire story. Make sure all the key information areas are covered, ie, the NGO, the event or the product. Use the feature buttons that are available on the top. Make the narrative interesting by interspersing elements like images, videos, etc.
  • Again, click on the Preview button, at the bottom, anytime, to see how your Campaign page is shaping up.
  • Challenges: Here's where you need to be transparent about any risks or challenges you may face in completing your crowdfunding project. Being open about them, and how you plan to tackle them, gives confidence to prospective Funders that you've thought through the execution plan, and are ready.
  • Campaign FAQs: Usually, every crowdfunding campaign triggers some obvious questions from prospective Funders. Articulate them here, and give clear, direct answers to those. Again, this helps people find those key answers easily.
  • You also have an option to upload more images related to the crowdfunding campaign. They will appear as thumbnails at the bottom of the campaign page.
  • The campaign owners are given an option to have their campaign in Hindi to target the Hindi speaking parts of India.
  • To incentivise funders, it helps to offer some rewards in return for their contributions. You can add all these rewards in this step 3.
  • For each reward, you will need to enter amount, title, description, count (as in the number of those that are available), expected delivery month etc. to give the funders a clear idea of what they will be getting & when. Fueladream also provides an option for you to show the images of rewards to attract funders - it's not mandatory but it can help.
  • Don't worry about the counts - because if you see any of them becoming popular, you can request us to increase the number of rewards, even after your campaign has launched. This can be through the campaign dashboard (from where you will be able to manage your campaign)-there is a separate tab called "Track rewards" for the same.
  • You can invite people to be part of your crowdfunding campaign team. All you need to do is to enter their Name, email and assign respective responsibilities. They will get an invite to join you run this campaign and reach your goal. They will need to accept the email invite, and then register on Fueladream.
  • You will need to give all Funders a receipt, whether in India or abroad, for their contribution, after the successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign. This is where you keep the receipt format ready, so you can send the same to all Funders, after the campaign, with just a click!
  • You need to just upload the digital signature of authorized signatory with their name. This will be auto filled in the receipt.
Key Links
  • All the campaign specific links can be added in here for funders/ users to visit and know more about the crowdfunding campaign. The drop down box has the options - blog, website, FB page, Twitter, Google+ page etc.
  • After entering all the 6 steps, you will need to Click on SUBMIT for Fueladream to review and get in touch with you. At that point, if you have missed any key information areas, they will be pointed out for you to complete before submission.
Important: Crowdrating
  • CrowdRating is one of the key distinguishing features provided by Fueladream.
  • This allows all Funders to rate the crowdfunding campaigns they fund, on a 10-point scale - during their contribution process. Their ratings are openly displayed, next to the respective Funder names, along with their contributions, in the Funders tab of the Campaign page. All their individual ratings are weighted & a CrowdRating is arrived at - and displayed at the top of the Campaign page for all to see. Obviously, the higher the CrowdRating, the more confidence do prospects get to become Funders.
  • Now, these ratings are kept open for Funders to change / alter them, right through the Updates. So, after the campaign is over, when you post progress updates, the Funders will get alerts to check those out. The quality & timeliness of the updates, will determine how they change / alter their ratings - upwards or downwards. Accordingly, the CrowdRating for your campaign will also change.
  • Completing the feedback loop, and keeping them updated on progress is what Funders seek. By doing so you get to strengthen your relationship with the crowdfunding community. And the CrowdRating is just a reflection of the state of that relationship. Keeping that up is in everyone's interests. In fact, the next time you want to raise funds for another campaign, the CrowdRating of your previous campaign will be displayed & will impact future success.
  • ATTN: "TAKES 2-14 days to credit funds to campaign owners"
Pricing and fees
How to manage your campaign