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Pricing and Charges

Processing charge: 3000 INR (Plus applicable service taxes) per campaign - one time, fixed, non-refundable.

COntract Charge: 7% of the total amount collected in the course of a campaign is charged to you. This is for both-Keep what you get (KWYG) campaigns & All or nothing (AON) campaigns.

However if a project is an All or nothing (AON) campaign that does not reach its goal then all the money collected is returned to the funders. Currently there are no fees charged in such a situation. If it's a Keep what you get (KWYG) campaign the 7% contract charges is charged irrespective of amount funded.

FAQsAdditional charges: The government charges a 14% Service tax, a 0.5% Swachh Bharat cess & a 0.5% Krishi Kalyan Cess on all services provided. That on a 7% contract charge & 2% payment gateway charge adds up to approximately 1.35%.

Payment gateway charges: 2% of the total amount collected in the course of a campaign will be charged as a reimbursement of our payment gateway costs.

Processing Fee: We check campaigns to ensure that they adhere to our rules & norms. We also do an internal risk assessment to ensure you or your organisation comply with any or all corporate governance rules. This fee is towards these activities.

Funding models
How to start your campaign?