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Fixed (All or nothing)
Flexible (Keep what you get)
These are campaigns that need to reach their funding goal to become a reality. Which is why the campaign has to reach its goal before its end date for the campaign owner to get all the collected funds. If the campaign fails to reach its goal, then the funds returned back to the funders and the campaign owner gets nothing. Example: Construction of a school, staging of an event, release of a music album etc.
These are campaigns that can succeed in a limited way with whatever amount they are able to collect. Here the campaign owners gets to keep whatever has been collected irrespective of whether the campaign reached its target or not. Example: pre-orders for a new product, disaster relief efforts, vocational training of students etc.
Note: Depending on the nature of each campaign that is submitted, the decision on the funding model will be taken jointly by campaign owner and Fueladream.
Types of projects
Pricing and fees