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Member since Jun, 2019

Student At Vidyashilp Academy, Bengaluru
To whoever it may concern,
Good day! My name is Rohan N Gowda and I am studying in Grade 11 at Vidyashilp Academy in Bangalore.

India is a large nation with millions of people. Of these many people almost 3 million of them are visually impaired and these number only keep rising due to several reasons, one of which are cataracts. This issue can be easily dealt with in many of our households as most our weekly expenditures are approximately 20,000 INR. However, this amount of money would be a devastating loss to those who come from economically backwards families. This, of course, is extremely shocking news and an issue that must be addressed almost immediately. Most people wonder how they could help these people out and here is one such way.

Let me tell you more about this campaign of mine. A few days ago, our school hosted a program where the team from Fueladream.com told us about a crowdfunding program which is going to help raise funds for elderly people. These people come from underprivileged backgrounds and urgently need to undergo cataract surgeries. These surgeries normally, at the bare minimum, cost 20,000 INR and this price can go upto almost 1 lakh. However, thanks to the effort made by FuelADream, we can complete this surgery in merely a tenth of the price! That's right! A small contribution of just Rs 1000 can make a difference to the life of someone & give them back their sight.. I was really surprised that it takes just INR 1000 to make a difference.

I strongly believe that we can help those who are in need and in the process, transform their lives. Please support my campaign and let us together bring light into the lives of these people. Keep funding this till the last date and tell recommend my page to everyone you know. While my minimum goal is INR 20000, I would like to raise much more than that and help more people see again.

INR 1000 is what you and I would spend if we went out on a weekend to a theatre to watch a movie and have popcorn. That amount is all it takes to give sight to one person and change their life and the life of their families. Please be the change you wish to see. Lead from the darkness and into the light.
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