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Swasti Goel
Member since Sep, 2018

Raheja Vihar, Chandivali Farm House, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072
Student At Bombay Scottish , Powai : AID EDUCATION Campaign Registration, Mumbai
My name is Swasti and I am in Grade 9 at the BOMBAY SCOTTISH school, Powai.
I have undertaken this campaign because I think the gift of education is something that is critical to a student. I cannot imagine the plight of a fellow student going to school without notebooks or pencils. Imagine what would you do?
We have decided to give the students from rural schools who cannot afford necessary items for their education a set of books and pencils. Living in the fear that your parents wont buy you more things cause they don't have money or you don't wanna burden them is just horrible. They don't always get to try out their skills and find out their hidden talents.Writing, sketching and taking down notes are activities that sharpen our learning, give rein to creativity and are fun. It also promotes learning and mental activity. There are many ways for us to help them and we have chosen this small but really helpful idea which would not only help them but us and the environment around us as well. The books and pencils that we will be supplying to them are really magnificent. They are made of Recycled Milk Tetra Packs. The fact that these books and pencils are also made out of recycled material is a big deal. They are so good looking and clearly send out a message about how important recycling and going green are.
The fact that a contribution of just INR 600 can make a difference to the life of a fellow student in a rural school made me realize that I must do something about it. I spend more than that if I go for a movie to a multiplex and have my popcorn and a juice or drink. Further, I believe that education and the tools for proper education are a basic necessity which should be available to everyone irrespective of their financial condition.
I have seen the books and pencils. They are so, so good in terms of design and quality. Its heartening to note that we will be giving them something that is world- class and green. 
Let’s together impact lives of students. Please support my campaign as we can together transform the lives of at least 40 students in rural areas around Mumbai.
₹ 26,000

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