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My name is Mohit and I am a Senior Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications and Transformation leader with Global experience across Industries such as Information Technology, ISP/Telecom, Biotechnology, Startup, Cable TV and the Airline/Hospitality Industry. I have worked in 4 continents and have had the opportunity to experience and learn from various cultures and countries that I have worked in. I am better known as Maddy to my friends. I am passionate about Technology, Video games, Motorsports, and Travel. It has always been my en devour to ensure that we as responsible human beings are able to give back to society and our country whatever we can as all of us need a helping hand sometime in our life. I am committed to rural transformation and realise that unless we tap the talent amongst the youth in rural areas and develop them as grass-root leaders, sustainable change will not happen and our country will not progress at the pace we need to. If migration from rural to urban areas is to be stopped and then finally reversed, there is a need to create entrepreneurs locally within rural communities. Nothing democratises wealth better than micro-entrepreneurship. This is the belief with which we have started our journey to develop 10,000 rural entrepreneurs in next five years. Investing INR 100,000 in an individual to transform her/him into an entrepreneur is, in my opinion, a very fruitful and smart investment. Each rural entrepreneur so developed, becomes a role model to many others. Over a period of time, through their micro-enterprises, they will become job-creators in their communities and possibly, help develop many more entrepreneurs locally. Our villages are the bedrock of our nation and a stronger rural community is what will make us a nation to contend with, over the next few decades. I strongly believe that we can nurture young rural boys and girls to be engines of hope and transformation in their communities. I humbly and kindly urge all of you to listen to your inner voice to extend a helping hand to our deserving rural youth to make them leaders and innovators that will propel our society and country to great heights.Please support these deserving candidates through my campaign and make a difference.
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