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Student At DPS North
Hi, I am _kiran kumar_______ a student of Class 10__th of DPS, Bangalore North. I enjoy watching films and would like to become a filmmaker. Let me tell you more about this campaign of mine. A few days ago, our school had a program where the team from Fueladream.com told us about a crowdfunding program which is going to help raise funds for children who are suffering from Muscular Dystrophy. I am a volunteer from Fuel A Dream program . I have a target of 20000 to raise for the studens or children for their treatment for one year. i really want to do this for their betterment . The children are are really waiting for their cure and be able to chase their dream. But there is something holding them back which can be cured but only with some money which the children cant afford . Even i my self have funded some sum from my pocket money . just after a session at my school i was really determined to do some thing for them . By this we are raising the bar for their better living of those who are suffering form the above Dystrophy . this is like a competition to raise more and more funds by the different groups of the peolpe to make the treatment available to all the children or students . there is some thing i would really want you all to be a part of this but funding as much as possible for your side.We also have a competition among them selves so i have high expectations for all of you guys . My own class mate Karanaveer Sing who is suffering from this Dystrophy and eagerly waiting for his cure and his participation among us in the school for play.He is among one of the most brightest students in the school this is just partial his success he would be able to do better if his cured form this Dystrophy,. I end here and hopping from all you readers . The fact that a contribution of just Rs 20000 can fund the treatment of a underprivileged child suffering from DMD for an entire year thanks to the efforts of the NGO called DART made me realise that I must do something to help. I strongly believe that we can help children suffering from DMD and make a difference to their lives.
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