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My name is Vipin Sharma. I am an Ex -Principal and Advisor.
It has been a proud privilege for me to be an integral part of Vidya Bharati Chinmaya Vidyalaya Jamshedpur for 42 years from the day of its inception in 1st February 1979, 1st CBSE School at Jamshedpur.My journey had been gradual yet fulfilling one from being a Teacher and slowly negotiating my way through myriad other planes;being an In charge to Headmisress to Vice-Principal and Principal till 2019 then Advisor till April 2021.His Vision is Our Mission.His Blessings that I received the President Award,Chinmaya Gaurav Award,Alankar Award and many more from various corners of Jamshedpur and Jharkhand.
Being an idealist,I have endeavoured to proliferate the lofty Concept of Satvik Vision.The dictum Value Based Educatiin is the essence of the Vidyalaya that I always promoted.
As a humanist I also promoted Community Services and environment care,with as much importance to quality education.It has been my privilege to be associated with Chinmaya Mission of Jamshedpur.
Gurudev has been an inspiration to me and I am fortunate to meet Gurudev in the year 1982 and 1988.My humble Salutations to the Visionary of the century .
Unto Him Our Best
With Prem and Om

I have undertaken this campaign because I believe that the right education is the foundation for life’s journey. I was fascinated by the 3 pronged approach of this campaign and the impact it will make. This is truly about REIMAGINING EDUCATION.

1)The uniqueness of the Chinmaya University (CVV) – a global university that will transform the lives of future generations of students. This will impact and change the future.
2) In the immediate present being able to impact the lives of underprivileged students from Chinmaya Vidyalaya’s across India by supporting their education is a very high-impact initiative. The parents of these students are typically daily wage workers and many of them are illiterate and do not realise how critical education is.
3) Again in the present the Chinmaya schools need better infrastructure. The lack of it definitely impacts the quality of education and the school environment & this is a critical need.

Brick by brick, let us come together and make sure that this ‘One Knowledge – One World’ initiative is realised within our lifetimes.
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