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My name is Anoushka Bade. I am 14 years old and in grade 9 at EuroSchool, Thane.

Water is a necessity. Those living in rural areas have to walk long distances to fetch water for their living. During the course of the day, Lakshmibai Neel, a housewife and homemaker of a family of six, starts her day from dawn and works till dusk. She cooks, cleans and takes care of the household. She has to walk 8 km everyday to the nearest well to fetch water for the family. This task takes approximately 2-3 hours after 4 to 5 trips to the well. This is a campaign that will transform the lives of women in rural areas, like Lakshmibai, who are troubled with the inconvenient task of walking long distances (nearly 8 km) to get water. The task is time-consuming and burdensome. It causes back and neck-aches. Women end up using a lot of time travelling and collecting water while this time could be used to do something more productive and generate income elsewhere. With the amazing innovation called the Water Wheel, all these issues are eliminated. They could sew some blankets and clothes or make jute bags in the time they were previously using for collecting water to add income to the family.

I was thrilled and surprised to learn about the Water Wheel. This is a simple and revolutionary innovation which is very easy-to-use, can hold up to 45L of water and provides the household with enough water for a day or more. This will fulfil their need for water for a day in 1 trip. The handles on the water-wheel can be removed in seconds and it then doubles as a storage container. It's very durable and will last for years. It uses food-grade material and is safe. It also brings about a massive behavioural change as many boys and men start using it to get water.

Please support my campaign and let us together bring joy to more women. The Water wheels will be distributed by the team from the Rotary Club of Hanging Gardens with their local partners. The cost of doing this (including identifying the women, the cost of the water wheel, the actual distribution ) is only INR 2500 per water wheel making it truly a revolutionary idea.

Lets together impact and change the lives of these women in rural areas in India.
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