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Harikeshav Narayan
Member since Aug, 2017

Koramongala,Bangalore, Karnataka
Student At Delhi Public School, Bangalore East , Bangalore
Hi, I am Harikeshav; a student of Class 12 at the Delhi Public School, Bangalore East. If I were to describe myself in extremely general terms, I would say, I am human, honest, approachable and reasonably smart….
Instead of mentioning activities that interest me, I wish to elucidate the sole reason of my participation and why you should fund my campaign.
Since the beginning of time, I have had one goal - to leave my mark. Not a mark of greatness, but one of difference. Through the due course of my life, I have lived by one quote, 'Power cannot be linked to anything; it is a shadow, and even the smallest person can cast a very large shadow'. If one cannot stand, how can one cast a shadow?
This brings me to my campaign, the absence of a limb can deny one equal opportunities, and statistics show that 1 million Indians are amputees. Of this 1 million, over 700,000 are in Karnataka. If given the opportunity, these people can aim for the stars. Even the UN, WHO, and IMF consider donations and crowd funding a vital service, because when the dust clears, all we have left is ourselves.
Why am I participating in this? On the 11th March of 2019, there was a presentation at my school, where the vast multitude of benefits were highlighted. This being a life skill and opening doors did not attract me. This register to me on a far more emotional level.
i never got to meet, talk or even see my maternal grandfather, but to this day, I am told I am a lot like him. Not just looks but even personality. I took great pride in this, but a part of me always hated that he was taken so quick. This campaign helps me support a son, a daughter, a parent or a grandparent of another fellow citizen. Helping 1 may not compensate for my loss, but helping hundreds and now we're talking.
Why fund such a campaign?
1. Provides a person the opportunity to advance himself/herself
2. It shows that humanity still has a conscience, and we are willing to make a difference
3. Logically speaking, if one funds such campaigns, he/she gradually gains popularity. This is the form of popularity that paints an image of a good human being

A major concern is, ow much to donate? 10000, 1000 rupees are big amounts, no doubt, but can we never earn it back? We definitely can.... Also to quote a great man, Joe Rogan, ' If you begin to take money to seriously, just remember that we are old monkeys, on an organic spaceship rocketing through the universe'(sic!). This is not some matter of money, it's a question of morality. When you fund my campaign, you are a savior, you can go to bed thinking of how you saved a person and inspired change.
Regardless of which corner of the world you are from, step forth and make a difference, fund my campaign and dream about the promising future...
Please support my campaign and let us together bring mobility and freedom back into the lives of these people.

These prosthetic legs will be given to villagers in the rural areas of Karnataka. This will help men, women, the young and the elderly. It will also have a ripple effect on their families. A lot of these poor villagers will also be able to work and this will help them achieve something greater than mobility, it will help them achieve happiness.
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