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Jugal P Javadia
Member since Jun, 2019

Greetings to all, I am Jugal P Javadia, a fourth-year engineering student studying in Nmims. Love and kindness are never wasted, they always make a difference, blessing the one who receives them and also blesses you. Even after the numerous efforts of breaking the taboo regarding the topic ‘menstruation’,  making a public appearance in courtrooms and classrooms alike, trying to break the stigma around menstrual hygiene, people still refrain from talking about it.

Look around yourself? What do you see? Do you have a clean surrounding? Clean clothes to wear? Are all your basic hygiene necessities fulfilled? I am asking you this because I want you to realize how privileged we are. Yes, I know it’s not a big deal for anyone to have all these boxes ticked right? I would like to enlighten you by the fact that it’s not the case. According to The Times of India, only 18% of women have access to sanitary hygiene. Yes, you read that right, only 18%! This fact has disturbed me at all levels and I decided to do something about it. Therefore, I am running a crowdfunding campaign to help create awareness and raise funds to support school-going girls from poor homes with a year’s supply of sanitary pads, 4 undergarments, and hygiene kits, which costs a total of 500 INR for each girl. This is being done in partnership with an NGO called IDF based out of Mumbai. This campaign aims to raise _ INR or more to provide sanitary napkins and hygiene kits to girls from poor homes in low-income schools in the city of Mumbai. Each donation, however small, has the enormous potential to transform the lives of women and girls in rural India and move toward a more supportive, inclusive and equal society. Please support this campaign by clicking on the link above and donate with credit/debit card, Paytm or net-banking. Funding from foreign passport holders is allowed too. This campaign has 80G tax benefits as it's being done in partnership with IDF which is a non-profit organization. You will also get feedback on which schools and how many girls were impacted by this. Let's transform the lives of these girls together.
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