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Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept in India. It is a method of raising funds through the collective effort of friends, family, fans, customers and individual funders. This approach taps into the collective efforts of a large pool of individuals-primarily online via social media and crowdfunding platforms-and leverages their networks for greater reach and exposure.

You can fund ideas (want to write a book or create a music album/ movie/ app etc., fund a new product), causes (want to run a marathon to raise money for a cause you believe in), charities (fund an NGO/charitable institution/non - profit), events (fund a music event, art show, marathon, concert) & recoveries (help people impacted by a flood, earthquake, cyclone etc.,).

How is Crowdfunding different?

Crowdfunding is essentially the opposite of the mainstream approach to business funding. Traditionally, if you want to raise funds to start a business or launch a new product or fund a charity (NGO) you would need to put together a business plan, do your market research, get a prototype ready (for products) or get a pitch note in place for charities etc., and then sell your story to a limited pool or wealthy individuals or institutions whom you know. These funding sources included HNI's, corporates, banks, angel investors and venture capital firms thus limiting your options to a few key players. You can think of this fundraising approach as a funnel, with you and your campaign story at the wide end & your audience of probable funders at the narrow end. This is a very time consuming approach with massive geographical constraints and it only allows you to meet 2 to 3 funders on a daily basis.
A Crowdfunding platform like Fueladream.com on the other hand, turns that funnel upside down. We give you (You can be an individual or an organisation) a single platform to build & showcase your campaign story to a large set of funders including your friends/family/fan base in a much quicker period of time. It transcends borders, you could be sitting in Mumbai, India & making a pitch globally. Its fast, efficient, transparent and effective. Imagine putting out your story & seeing results within 96 hours & closing your fund raising in 30 to 45 days.
As a crowdfunding platform in India, Fueladream gives you tools to tell your story well. We help you curate your story with our happiness team & give you tools, tips and advice to promote it on Social Media. We give you software & an elaborate dashboard to monitor progress of the funding through a backend tool, which also gives you your key analytics. This approach dramatically streamlines the traditional model of funding or donating.
Traditionally, you'd spend months sifting through your personal network, vetting potential funders and spending your own time and money to get in front of them. With crowdfunding, it's much easier for you to get your story in front of an audience that is looking for your kind of a cause or product or charity or NGO etc.,

The Benefits of Crowdfunding:
From tapping into a wider funder pool to enjoying more flexible fundraising options, there are a number of benefits to crowdfunding over traditional methods. Here are just a few of the many possible advantages:
Examples of Crowdfunding:
On Fueladream, typically you can Fuel an Idea, a cause, a charity(NGOs), an event or a recovery. Depending on your permits, you can promote your campaign to potentials funder both in India and abroad. Have a look at the examples below to learn of the varieties of campaigns you could get crowdfunded.
You can get any innovative idea crowdfunded
Product: A eco-friendly E-Bike, as a pre order
Music: Get a music album crowdfunded
Literary: Get funds for a storybook for children
Movies: Fund a short movie about drug usage
Technology: Fund a new video game.
  • NGO A wants ₹20 Lakhs for 2 water treatment plants in 2 villages in Orissa that will provide clean water for 8500 people
  • NGO B needs ₹Lakhs to fund food, stay & education for the destitute at their shelter in Noida, India.
  • NGO C wants ₹Lakhs to make a library (with 1000 books) for a girl's orphanage in Solapur, India
  • A Chennai based MNC has decided to raise 10L for victims of the Chennai floods through a crowdfunding campaign promoting it through its 10,000 employees and their families
  • A non-profit foundation wants to raise ?200 Lakhs to help the victims of an earthquake in X location in India
  • An individual wants to run the Mumbai marathon & raise 1L to help 3 poor kids from a neighbourhood slum, to provide them with education.
  • You start a fundraiser to help a cancer victim get critical medical aid that can save his life. The victim is a security guard at your MNC and he has a 5-member family dependant on him.
  • Marathon event - A organiser needs 10L to stage the world's first barefoot marathon
  • FASHION - XYZ is planning a fashion show in Nagpur with top models and needs ₹10 Lakhs crowdfunded to make this happen.
  • MUSIC - Crowdfund a top music festival in Bangalore and make it happen.
  • A Residents Welfare Association wants to raise ₹5 Lakhs to initiate a Swachh Bharat drive to clean up the lake around their colony
  • A group of friends from the same academic batch, want to raise funds for their 20-year reunion.
How to prepare for your campaign?