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Congratulations on a successful crowdfunding campaign!

Once you have the received the funds from your crowdfunding campaign, make sure you first send the receipts to all the funders.

Then, please go full steam ahead, and start executing your project. Make sure you keep hitting the milestones as per the committed timelines during your crowdfunding campaign.
Keep funders updated

On Fueladream, at each milestone, make sure that you update the backers/ donors of having reached there - they'll be really happy to know, and will keep following you with interest.

Engaging with your funders after your crowdfunding campaign ends allows them to know where their contribution went, how it's being used. This will be a great community for you to foster, when you come back to raise funds the next time!
Reward fulfilment
Keep your funders well informed about the status of their rewards. Remember, you do not want to aim at receiving a one-off contribution from the crowd. You want them to be funders for life. Keeping your funders happy will help you with other crowdfunding ventures in the future, as you will then have a well-established funder community base. Keep maintaining communication through updates and social media.
Follow up campaigns
If you require raising more funds for the same project or a new project, you can post a link to your new crowdfunding campaign on the old campaign page. This will inform all your existing funders of your new fundraising campaign. Do not be surprised if many of your funders become repeat funders.
During your campaign.