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ANAN – The Ultimate Artisan Apron
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
The best apron for any sort of artistic & creative work. Lots of space for your tools, rugged & handmade for you.
INR 3,399
GOAL INR 2,35,000
Accepts funds from outside India, too.
Campaign ended.

To contribute any amount without rewards.

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Funding Model :Flexible
Started from 18/05/2017
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A multi utility Apron with 11 loops and 5 pockets. 

Are you  A chef? an Urban gardener? A wood worker?  A Jewellery maker? A barista? A Blacksmith? A Designer? Or a passionate journeyman? Do you feel like you never have enough room for your tools when you are working? Does it always seem cumbersome to lug everything you need around? Here's a solution to your problems. We spend a whole lot of time just looking for our tools. With the ANAN Artisan Apron, your time will be more productive and better used!

Aprons usually are just there for protecting your clothes and they don't even do a great job there. And they follow the a one-size-fits-all approach. They are not sturdy enough. There's nowhere to put your tools. They don't really add to your productivity. 

So, as designers who have experienced this very issue, we bring you something better. 

ANAN -  ArtisaN AproN, is designed to improve your work, increase your productivity and fit you perfectly.

ANAN is a unique Artisan Apron with adjustable straps - so it fits  you  just the way you want it too.

Designed to work for almost all body types, the ANAN gives you 100% comfort while working. We made sure to design this apron on such a way that whether left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous, will have complete use of the apron!

Pic: Multiple ways of using the Apron

Pic: How to fasten the Apron with an easy to use clip release.

Pic: Spacious deep pockets to hold multiple tools.

Pic: View of the Apron from the three angles

Experience the comfort of a Personalised Fit

The ANAN comes with adjustable straps around the neck and waist ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone. This ensures that there is an equal distribution of weight and no part of you will be affected by an ill-fitting apron!

We also have an extra attachment for plus size folks out there. This comes with every apron and if you don't need it, you get an extra strap to hang more tools! 

Since we designed ANAN Artisan Apron for ourselves, we went all-out to bring you even more work-enhancing features.

No more searching for places where to put your mobile while working. Taking note? No issues! We have place for your notepad, mechanical pencils and pens too!

Dedicated hanging loop ensures that you don't wear out the neck strap when the apron is not in use! 

Lightweight construction compared to all the provisions provided. ANAN Artisan Apron is great to use while standing upright continuously for even 12+ hours.

ANAN 3M earplugs are made with memory foam to block out sound. So you can cut out the chaos and work in peace!

We are young, ambitious and like to enjoy life. Explore the world to the fullest. 

Searching for tools with one hand while holding for down with the other is really frustrating. We tried attaching extensions and straps and hooks to existing aprons in the market. But we realised that it was easier to build an apron that looked after every possible need. Which is how this Artisan Apron came into being. 

The idea behind the ANAN is that you shouldn't have to make sacrifices while working. It kills productivity and it hinders creativity, both of which are very important to be successful. 

We decided to combine leather with denim, add rust resistant metal detailing and created an apron that's both functional and cool! 



Length - 33inch/83.8cm;
Width is 25inch/63.5cm.
The straps are made out of genuine sturdy leather, so it’s soft & comfortable despite all the load kept in pockets.

We are offering a Color of Choice as White Denim, Dark Slate Denim, Prussian Blue Denim, and Black Denim as the base of the ANAN.

Please message us your Color of Choice after your successful pledge. Or alternatively, we will drop individual mails to inquire about your favored color of the denim, as soon as the campaign gets over. If not received within 48 hours of completion, kindly check your "spam" once, or notify us here. We will certainly look into the matter.

We value your time and your trust. So, we have arranged to provide Express Shipping all over India as well as Standard International Shipping at NO ADDED COST. It is a small token of gratitude from our end, because, all of you have believed in us.

Know someone in your life who would appreciate a workhouse apron? Share ANAN with them!

Campaign pledge goal: INR 235000

Campaign stretch goal: INR 595000

Upon attaining the stretch goal, all of the following 3 features will be unlocked and added to the existing ANAN.

Laser engraved name / logo on phone pocket – as per your choice. Limited to 20 characters or 1 complete logo to be fit in 2.5inch x 2.5inch space (6.35cmx6.35cm).

Extra dog hook module for extended attachments.

Special scissors sleeve – long.

It’s time for YOU to take control. Upgrade your working habit. Upgrade your life. Never let searching for tools and poor aprons interfere with your rush of passion and creativity.

Your support will help us scale up production to bring ANAN Artisan Apron to market. To achieve cost efficiency, we need to purchase raw material in bulk, which requires serious capital.

Take back your precious wasted time by backing ANAN Apron today.

Know someone in your life who would appreciate a workhouse apron? Share ANAN with them!

Risks and challenges

You WILL receive a handcrafted retail-quality ANAN Artisan Apron. We are equally excited to deliver the best of the best to our dear backers.


This is not the first time we’ve designed, created, manufactured, and shipped products. We have several years of product design and development experience. We have also established strong relationships with our suppliers, and have one of the best relationships in place to ensure smooth production and delivery of the individually handcrafted aprons.


We have built extra time into the manufacturing process, so we are confident with our shipping timeline. We have extensive experience in logistics and shipping large volumes of inventory.

Everything is ready. All we need now is YOU.


What’s the product’s material?

100% selvedge denim, genuine leather, brass rivets, anti-rust coated antique finished hardware.

Can you go to washroom when using the product? Does it make any obstruction?

ANAN is easily detachable from the body even using single hand. The presence of inner hanging strap is bliss when you want to hang it aside on purpose.

Is it machine washable?

No, due to presence of genuine leather, dry wash is advised for this. Due to some unfortunate event, if it gets too dirty to proceed with dry wash, you are okay to hand wash the cloth sections. You can pro-actively coat the leather sections with natural oil to keep them protected from harshest working conditions.

Does the strap cut into your neck and waist?

They shouldn’t. The leather straps are much comfortable.

Does it get too hot? Does it make your body sweaty? Is the material breathable?

The advantage of using selvedge denim as base is that the material is very much breathable. Unless you’re working in the summer without ventilation or a fan, you should be OK.

How is the quality? Does it tear down easily?

We double checked on all the pressure points. This product is built to last.

Will it fit if you have a large waist?

We designed it to support waists upto 46”. Please check the sizing pictures for better understanding.

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