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IPin Pro - Turn Your Smartphone Into A Smart Laser Ruler
Vashi, Maharashtra, India
iPin Spatial Ruler Pro is the world’s first smart laser ruler device that uses a smartphone to measure the height, width & length of a room/object in seconds.
INR 77,492
GOAL INR 1,50,000
Accepts funds from Indian Passport / ID holders only.

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Funding Model :Flexible
Started from 10/04/2019
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The iPin Spatial Ruler Pro is the world's first laser ruler using a smartphone camera to measure the distance, line and dimension, plus the height, width, and length (3-axis) of an object in one shot. It is the ultimate optical laser measuring tool designed to make your lives easier for those who need a handy tool that can quickly measure objects on a daily basis. We created the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro to get the measuring job done faster and without any hassle.

The perfect device for you at home or at work. Great for interior designers, architects, event managers, site engineers OR for you at home. You can use it to measure the dimensions of a room that needs interiors to be done or of a stage-backdrop that needs to be set up or even simply measure the length of a curtain rod at home that needs to be replaced.

No more climbing on ladders. Just AIM, SHOOT & MEASURE.


How to pre-order?


How it works?


Turn on the iPin app and simply attach the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro on the back of your smartphone and aim it to the object you want to measure.


Take a photo using your smartphone camera.


The picture you took contains all the measurements you need. Adjust the width, length, width, height and depth manually with your fingertips.

3-AXIS MEASURING (Length, Width & Height)

In the past, high corner areas were difficult to reach and measure. Not anymore. With iPin Spatial Ruler Pro, we have created a 3-axis measurement tool. This makes for an efficient and easy way to measure high corner areas while delivering accurate results.

Shoot first and measure later

Hours of tedious hard work go into organizing data and making drawings. If you miss something you have to go back to the work site and do the measurements all over again. With the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro, all you need to do is go the IMAGE on your phone and get all the dimensions in seconds. 

Use it as a standalone device

You can also use it as a laser range finder to measure distances. 

Online sharing - photos with measurement data

Easily share photos with measurement data with family, friends, business partners or colleagues via email or WhatsApp. 

Other features include:

  • Two operation modes - Distance measure and photo dimensioning.
  • OLED display and rechargeable battery.
  • Low power Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity.
  • Save measurement data with photos on mobile phones.

Where to use it?

How the iPin Pro saves you time & effort ?

 iPin Spatial Ruler Pro was first developed to resolve the inconvenience of the traditional way of measurement.

In the time-consuming process of the traditional forms of measurement, you will need a tape measure, ladder, camera, paper records, and move around in the space every time you need a measurement.

With your smartphone camera and the iPin Spatial Ruler together, you are free to move from the points to the location of the traditional way of measurement. No need to climb up the ladders or kneel down to touch the ground repeatedly, saving you time and energy through outstanding measuring efficiency.

Use your smartphone camera to take a photo and record all the measuring data you need and repeat the measuring process on any part of the photo you took whenever you need to with the app.

Technical Specifications


Can I use it with my Android phone? 

Yes. The iPin Spatial Ruler Pro works with Android Phones and iPhones. 

What is the minimum system requirement?  

IOS 10 and later version. Android OS 7.0 Nougat and later version.

Can it measure distance through laser and what is its accuracy?  

You can use it alone as a laser distance measurement device. The Max distance is 40 meters and accuracy is ±3 mm. 

How accurate is the 3-axis measurement? 

The accuracy of the 3-axis measurement really depends on the photo quality. The better the photo quality, the more accurate the 3-axis measurement. We are still working on optimization to improve user experience now.

What version of Bluetooth is used? 

We use the Bluetooth LE 4.2 version (LE stands for “low energy”). 

What is the warranty policy? 

We offer a one-year hardware warranty. If the problem is caused by a material or a manufacturing defect, we will replace it. For any queries, please contact : 

Name - Trapit Jain 

Mobile -  +91 97734 26949

Address - Office no. D-53, Ground floor, Vashi Plaza, Sec. 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400703

What is the unit options? 

The App offers both English and Metric units in centimetre, meter, inch, and foot. 

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