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ANINDITA ROY's Campaign To Fund The Schooling Of A Needy Child For An Entire Year.
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
I am in Grade 8 at the Inventure Academy, B'lore. I want to fund the education of a needy child who is under the care of SPARSHA TRUST.
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INR 35,000
GOAL INR 25,000
Accepts funds from outside India, too.

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Started from 04/03/2019
Ended on 16/03/2019
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Schooling is the easiest and most impactful tool to bring children who come from needy homes out of the vicious cycle of poverty. This crowdfunding initiative of mine is a campaign that is being done by me and my fellow students at the Inventure Academy at Bangalore to raise funds, that will help educate such children. This will help them build careers and live a life of substance.

My aim is to raise 25000 INR to fund the education of a child who is being taken care of by the SPARSHA TRUST for an entire year. The Sparsha Trust is a Bangalore based NGO which has been championing the cause of kids who come from poor homes by running a shelter and taking care of all their needs – from food, to stay, to medical expenses and their schooling. The cost of their shelter, food, medical care etc is extra. I am just focusing on their schooling.

These funds will be used for their schooling for 12 months. If I raise 50000 INR I can fund their schooling for 24 months. There are a total of 60 students at Sparsha who are being schooled at English medium schools near their shelter who need funding.


Let’s together transform the lives of children like Nandini. It would be a delight when the kids we fund start working and build their lives. The pictures below are of the 60 students who go to the English medium schools.


My name is Anindita and I am in Grade 8 at the Inventure Academy.

I have undertaken this campaign because the gift of education is something that is important to any student.

The children that I would like to support are doing very well at school, despite adverse economic circumstances and conditions at home. Many of them have come from single parent homes or have no parents. They have witnessed parents with alcohol abuse issues, have had to scrape through to make ends meet and they have been fortunate to find shelter at the Sparsha Trust. The fact that raising 25000 INR can support a child for an entire year is something that I am very excited about.

Getting a good education will definitely transform their lives and the lives of their families. Please support my campaign and let us together bring light into the lives of these fellow students.


The map below highlights the location of our school, the NGO and the 3 schools that these students go to.

Our Partner

  • Bangalore based NGO
  • Sparsha was founded by a handful of young graduates with master's degrees in social work. They began in June 2006. Sparsha provides shelters where slum & street children would be safe, where they would be nurtured, tutored and transitioned into mainstream schools.

Through its various projects, Sparsha is transforming the lives of children, helping them to live a life of safety, security and dignity. Sparsha also provides opportunities for the children to do their best. While some of these projects are residential in nature, others are day-care projects and open shelters. At open shelters, children have the option of spending the day in the center and may choose to stay the night or return to their homes. As a result, for the first time in their lives, from morning to night, the children are able to study, play, eat, express themselves and sleep without the fear of becoming victims of neglect or abuse.

  • Children are provided with a safe environment, offered a clean home, fully furnished hostel with bathrooms, trunks for their belongings, smart uniforms, toys, school materials and three nutritious meals daily courtesy an immaculate kitchen and a versatile cook; essentially everything to lead a nurturing, healthy life. They are taken to playgrounds; those requiring psychiatric treatment are admitted to Nimhans; all children receive health check-ups, medical treatment and dental care. They are also taught sex education, counseled to deal with psychological and emotional problems, motivated to equip themselves with literacy - the means to deliver them from destitution.


This campaign had 80G tax benefits for all Indian funders. This campaign accepts funds from holders of foreign passports.


To ensure that there is complete transparency the team at SPARSHA will post feedback about 2months after the campaign gets over telling us which student has benefited from your funds. The details will then be posted on the UPDATES section of my campaign and will be in a format like the one below. As soon as I post an update, the platform will send an SMS and EMAIL alert to you. Click on the link on the email and you can read about which child benefitted. That's transparent right.

The below image is an example of the FEEDBACK FORMAT that we will be given to you who fund this campaign.


Will we get to know the details of the students who benefitted?

Yes. After the money has been collected it will be transferred by Fueladream to SPARSHA TRUST. It will take from 30 to 60 days after that to get details of who the beneficiary was with details of them. Once I get this information from them I shall upload this on the UPDATES section of this campaign. You will then get an alert and can read details about the beneficiaries. The report card will be given only at the end of the school year/ term and will be posted as an update.

What are the crowdfunding charges?

There is a payment gateway fee of 3% (for both the Indian and foreign gateway). Fueladream charges 9% as crowdfunding charges. There is a GST component of 2.16%. There is also an initial fee of 3000 INR which is being waived for us. With all this, the funds we need to support one student for an entire year is still only INR 25000.

When do I get the receipts?

It takes up to 2-3 weeks after the campaign is closed for the monies to be transferred to SPARSHA TRUST. The receipts will start getting processed about 4 to 6 weeks AFTER the campaign is closed and will be sent to you directly.

How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding in India is a relatively new concept & is growing very quickly.

It’s a concept that allows a large number of funders (like you) to fund an Idea or a cause or event by giving small amounts of money online. Fueladream.com is a crowdfunding platform in India that allows for such a pooling of funds. You can fund innovations & ideas on FuelADream and be the first to get these products or make them come true. You can also do a good turn by funding charities and causes through crowdfunding. When you fund a charity it’s more like a donation & you get small innovative rewards like a shout-out on an FB page or a thank you email from the beneficiaries

Updates have been committed to after the campaign ends.
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This student's education has been part funded by you

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