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Bangalore, Karnataka, India
I am JASPREET KAUR, 14 yrs & in the 8 grade at Chrysalis High, Yelahanka. With your help, I want to give sight to 10 elderly people in villages who have cataracts.
INR 2,000
GOAL INR 10,000
Accepts funds from Indian Passport / ID holders only.

To contribute any amount without rewards.

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Funding Model :Flexible
Started from 17/12/2018
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FACTS: Cataract operations performed in cities like Bangalore typically cost between 8000 to 12000 INR depending on the case and complexity (With Indian lenses being used). With foreign lenses, the cost zooms to 40000 INR. The Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar (RBI) in association with the Globe Eye Foundation is now able to make these surgeries available at a much lower cost of close to INR 3600. Of the 3600 INR amount, government subsidies and revenue from other surgeries take care of INR 2600 approximately of the cost. What we need to raise is just INR 1000 per surgery.

Just INR 1000 from you will GIVE SIGHT to elderly person. So if you fund INR 3000 it will GIVE SIGHT to 3 people.

Through this crowdfunding campaign, I want to raise INR 10000 to make 10 cataract surgeries happen. These cataract surgeries are for the elderly (usually 65 years +)  in the rural areas of KOLAR, HOSKOTE & CHINTAMANI. This will impact the rural elderly (both men and women) who are poor and in need of urgent surgery.


The money raised will be given to our partners -  Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar & they will pay the amounts to the NGO – Globe Eye Foundation. Once the money is given, the Globe Eye Foundation will use it to do cataract surgeries for the elderly poor in villages in the Hoskote, Kolar & Chintamani area and share the details with me. I shall then post an update giving you details of the elderly whose eyesight has been corrected so that you know where your money has gone.


As one ages, the lenses in our eyes become cloudy and cause poor vision and blindness if not treated. This is very common among those who are 65+ years.  



Hi, My name is jaspreet kaur and I am in Grade 8 at the Chrysalis High School at Yelahanka, Bengaluru.

Let me tell you more about this campaign of mine. A few days ago, our school had a program where the team from Fueladream.com told us about a crowdfunding program which is going to help raise funds for elderly people who urgently need to undergo cataract surgeries. I was shocked to learn that there are 11mn people who are impacted in India because of this.

I cannot imagine what it is to go blind. The fact that a contribution of just Rs 1000 can make a difference to the life of someone & give them back their sight made me realise that I must do something to help. I was really surprised that it takes just INR 1000 to make a difference.

I strongly believe that we can help those who are needy and in the process, transform their lives. Please support my campaign and let us together bring light into the lives of these people. Keep funding this till the last date. While my goal is INR 10000, I would like to raise much more than that and help more elderly people see again.

INR 1000 is what you and me would spend if we went out on a weekend to a theatre to watch a movie and have popcorn and lunch. That amount is all it takes to give sight to one person and change their life and the life of their families.





Funding for this campaign is eligible for tax breaks as the Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar is a registered NGO & you can avail of benefits under section 80G of the IT act. Foreign funding is not accepted. If you are an Indian living abroad or a person holding an Indian passport you can easily fund this campaign.


There are 3 hospitals where these surgeries will be done. All 3 hospitals are managed by the GLOBE EYE FOUNDATION (GEF). The hospitals are located in Kolar, Hoskote and Chintamani. 


Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who come together to make positive, lasting changes in communities at home and abroad. For over 110 years, the Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar along with its members have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects. From literacy and peace to water and health, they are committed to always working to better our world.


Based out of Bangalore this foundation has made significant contributions to the needs of the poor & elderly in the villages around Bangalore. Founded in 1995 by Dr. Sundar Ram Shetty, Globe Eye Foundation is a registered charitable and nonprofit organization. It has been delivering eye care services through its Eye Hospital at Hoskote (A Rural Town near Bangalore) since 1996. The people of Kolar, Bangalore rural and urban districts are covered by this Hospital. More than 80% of the service is going free to the needy poor in Karnataka. Globe Eye has also partnered with LIONS GEF EYE hospital in Chintamani and NETRADEEP by Rotary in Kolar for Surgeries. 


To ensure that there is complete transparency I shall get a report from the hospital (this takes between 1 to 3 months usually after the funds are raised & transferred to them) telling me who benefitted from the funding. The details will then be posted on the UPDATES section of my campaign and will be in a format like the one below. As soon as an update is posted, the platform will send an SMS and EMAIL alert to all the funders - i.e. to you. Click on the link on the email and you can read about which person has benefitted. That's transparent right.

The below image is an example of the FEEDBACK FORMAT that we will be shared with all my funders.


Will we get to know the details of the elderly who benefitted?

Yes. After the money has been collected it will be transferred by Fueladream to Rotary who will then give it to the Globe Eye Foundation. It will take from 30 to 90 days after that to get details of who the beneficiary was with details of them. Once I get this information from the team at Rotary & Globe Eye Foundation (as they collaborate on this) I shall upload this on the UPDATES section of this campaign. You will then get an alert & can read details about the beneficiaries.

What are the crowdfunding charges?

Fueladream charges 3% for the payment gateway and 9% as crowdfunding charges. GST is extra. Nett off all these fees we still need JUST INR 1000 to do a surgery. There is also an initial fee of 3000 INR which is being waived for us.

When do I get the receipts?

It takes up to 2 weeks after the campaign is closed for the monies to be transferred. The receipts will start getting processed about 4 to 6 weeks AFTER the campaign is closed and will be sent to you directly.

How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding in India is a relatively new concept & is growing very quickly.

It’s a concept that allows a large number of funders (like you) to fund an Idea or a cause or event by giving small amounts of money online. Fueladream.com is a crowdfunding platform in India that allows for such a pooling of funds.

You can fund innovations & ideas on FuelADream and be the first to get these products or make them come true. You can also do a good turn by funding charities and causes through crowdfunding. When you fund a charity it’s more like a donation & you get small innovative rewards like a shout-out on FB page or a thank you email from the beneficiaries.

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