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Let’s Bring Light Into The Homes Of Remote Hamlets In Odisha
These 9 hamlets in Odisha have never had light, as they are remote & off the grid. It takes just INR 820 to help them get out of darkness.
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Started from 09/03/2017
Ended on 24/05/2017
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Read on to see how easy it is for you to bring light into the life of over 800 people in rural Odisha!

FACT: 400 million Indians live in darkness after the sun sets. They live in villages which are not connected to the power grid as they are too remote and often located in mountains and inaccessible areas.

We would like to bring light to homes in 9 hamlets in Phulbani in Kandhamal district in Odisha.

PIC: Map showing location of the area which will benefit from your funding.

These hamlets have 82 families

We can bring light to each of these families at a cost of just 820 INR per home.

Fund 8200 INR & light up 10 homes for 3-5 years.

This crowdfunding campaign aims to raise INR 66000.

We are The Good Samaritans, an NGO based out of Tuticorin (Tamil Nadu) that has been working with impoverished communities in Rural India for the last 40 years. We have done and continue to do a lot of work in Odisha.

The solar devices that will be used are from a firm called d.light SOLAR. They are world leaders & these devices have been put to use in many villages in Africa & India. They solar lamps are working in villages in Africa for 3 to 5 years. We have used similar life estimates here.

The downside of not having light:

# Education suffers as kids cannot read once it is dark.

# Kerosene lamps results in injury and deaths.

# Buying kerosene costs them 20% of their income.

# Lifestyles are impacted as work needs to finish before sunset.

# The villagers continue to live in the 19th century as they have minimal access to information and news around them (no radios etc.)

Together let’s light up these hamlets in Odisha!

All it takes is a donation of INR 820 from you!

How does it work?

We are looking at solar-powered solutions to bring light to remote villages in rural India. Currently, households with no access to reliable electricity rely on kerosene lamps or candles for light after sunset. These sources of light are dangerous, emit low quality light and are expensive as they have recurring costs. Solar panels are too expensive for these homes to both buy & install as these tribal villages are too remote. The simplest quick fix with medium term impact are solar lamps.

What are these solar lamps?

Image: The different models of solar lamps that we can install in home with their current MRP in INR. Images courtesy d.light SOLAR

Each home gets 2 of the above products.

PACKAGE A:The home can choose from one number of A1+ one model of S 20 = MRP of 1024

PACKAGE B: They choose two numbers of Model S2 = 2 lamps with a MRP of 990 INR

D. light are a global leader in solar-powered solutions for off-grid households & their India HQ is located in Gurgaon.

Details of the tribal villages:

These villages have no access to electricity. They also have some of the lowest literacy rates in the state. Bringing light to this village will transform the lives of the people.

Project facts & cost breakup:

Number of households: 82 numbers

Lamps required: 164 solar lamps for 82 household

Individuals impacted: 1000 approximately

Cost of project for crowdfunding – 82 homes * 820 INR = 66,000 INR*
*includes crowdfunding charges


By replacing a kerosene lamp with a d. light product, a beneficiary can expect

  • A positive impact on education of kids – as they can read now
  • Cost savings of up to 10000 INR over five years
  • Increased safety from the elimination of accidental fires caused by kerosene lamps,
  • Better health
  • Increased productivity & a change in lifestyle
  • Reduced carbon emissions.

Product details:

A combination of the above 3 models is what each household gets.

They can choose from one of the 2 packages available.

PACKAGE A: The home can choose from one number of A1+ one model of S 20 = MRP of 1024

PACKAGE B:They choose two numbers of Model S2 = 2 lamps with a MRP of 990 INR

Images of a typical hamlet in this area:

Image: A view of one of the hamlets in the KATINGIA gram panchayat that needs solar lamps.

Agriculture is the main revenue source. Villagers earn only 500 to 1000 INR per month. They spend 100 to 150 INR on kerosene monthly

About us:

The Foundation for The Good Samaritans was laid in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India in 1977 by Emil Jebasingh and Ananthi Jebasingh. With the help of like-minded friends like, Prof. Jeyam Navaraj, Dr Prince Vedaraj, Mr. & Mrs. Albert, Mr. R. Jeyaraj and Mr A Stephen extending a helping hand for the cause of the poor. This movement gained momentum.

The Good Samaritans was Registered as a Society on the 12th February 1979 in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, with Emil Jebasingh as its founding Chairman.

The vision of Good Samaritans is – Uplifting the underprivileged by involving the privileged.

It is our mission – To identify the hopelessness of the economically poor, to take initiatives to restore them to confident living by teaming up with similar minded individuals and agencies, maintaining transparency and integrity.

Through the years we have,

  • Started a Sewing and Tailoring Centre in 1979 to help the underprivileged and give them a vocation to earn a livelihood.
  • Type-writing Centre started in 1980 with 9 needy students
    Today 277 of students have passed out of the centre with certifications.
  • Computer Centre started in 2002 with a 1 year training course in Computer with 8 students
    Today 169 needy students have completed the course and have been helped with placements.
  • Constructions: Constructed 110 houses in 1979 for the Fire Victims in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu.
  • Relief and Rehabilitation: Participated in Relief and Rehabilitation work in Gujarat when the Earth quake (7.9 Richter scale) struck on Jan-26-2001 (Republic Day) 8 am. Constructed 231 houses for the Earth quake victims of Mathak village, Alwar District, in partnership with Gujarat State Government.
  • Houses for Kandhamal riot Victims: We have constructed 2741 houses for the Kandhamal riot Victims in the State of Orissa who lost their houses in the 2008 riots.

Details about the Solar lighting device partner:

LIGHTING PARTNER: d. light SOLAR: Their innovative, affordable solar-energy solutions are transforming the way people all over the world use and pay for energy. They envision a future where everyone is empowered by the freedom and improved quality of life that comes with access to reliable, affordable & clean solar energy. They have already impacted over 65 million people across 62 developing countries. Their aim is to reach 100 million peo

Monthly Updates have been committed to after the campaign ends.
6 years ago

Thank you to all our funders. You brought light to hamlets in Orissa! A big 'Thank you' to Jairah Funds for giving us extended support! 

7 years ago

Acknowledge the receipt of fund Rs. 59169.00 to our Good Samaritans Bank Account on 7th June, 2017

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