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Parents Are Daily Wage Labourers & He Wants To Be In The IAS
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Alli Basha, a merit scholar is the child of illiterate, daily wage earners, dreams of eradicating poverty. Needs funds for IAS coaching
INR 10,100
GOAL INR 1,12,000
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Started from 10/03/2017
Ended on 02/06/2017
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The Dad is a daily wage labourer & his son is a brilliant student who wants to be a IAS Officer

Read this wonderful story of Alli Basha from Andhra Pradesh. 


   Pic: D. Pedda Sheikshavali - Alli Pasha’s father sells onions at the market .


Imagine, a child of illiterate, daily wage earners, studying through merit scholarship, and now aspiring to appear for IAS – just so he can help other poor people like himself. That’s the story of 21-year-old Dudekula Alli Pasha. His father  Dudekula Pedda Sheik Shavali is a daily wage earner who makes his living as a onion seller & his mum works  as a  farm labourer in Nandikotkur in Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh, India. Alli Basha’s mother goes to the fields every day to harvest crops, fruits and vegetables for the land owners. She makes INR 100 on an average on the days she has work. His father is a vegetable vendor. He buys onions from the farmers and sells it at the market. He makes between 100 to 125 INR per day.

   Pic: D.Noorjahanbe - Alli Pasha’s mother works in the fields .

Alli Pasha's father says, "We are very poor people who struggled to meet daily needs. We could only send our children to Government schools due to free education. Alli has made us proud by studying well. We pray our son gets all the support to become an IAS officer so that we all can rise up from poverty and he can also help the other poor people in the country."


Pic: Alli Basha receiving a scholarship.

Alli Basha completed his 10th grade from Govt High School Nandikotkur. He then graduated from the Rayalaseema University in Kurnool with a BA in History, Economics and Political Science with a first class. He secured the National Merit Scholarship of INR 10000 per year which helped fund his PUC and undergraduate education.


PIC: 10th marks sheet.


PIC: 12th mark sheet.

PIC: BA mark sheet.


His is a story of overcoming circumstances through diligence, hard work & the guiding hand of a teacher. An excellent student, he has been a topper throughout his life. His 10th grade teacher, Ms Fathima, saw this drive in him helped him excel even further. She introduced him to quizzes, made sure he kept abreast with the news and other means to brush up his general knowledge. Not only did she mentor him, she recognised how deeply he felt towards eradicating poverty and helping the downtrodden, which is when she pointed him towards a career as IAS.  She took Alli  Basha for a elocution competition in the 8th standard where he spoke very well and that is how he built his confidence. 

Pic: Ms Fathima, the teacher who encouraged him to pursue his education.

He then undertook the Group 2 UPSC examination with just one month of preparation. However, this wasn’t enough. He is currently spending his days reading up on as much material as he can so that he can be better prepared when he gets to the coaching class. His family cannot afford to send him for coaching classes, which is a necessity to successfully undertake the UPSC examination.

"I always dreamt of becoming an IAS officer so that I can help the poor and also work towards the betterment of our society."

Alli Pasha’s role models and the people that kept him motivated towards his goal are people like Ira Singhal, IAS Topper 2015 and Smita Sabarwal, Chief Secretary in Telangana Government, who have defied the odds to find success! His younger brother is training as a part of the NCC (National Cadet Corps) to join the Indian military.

Narayana IAS Coaching Institute

Narayan coaching institute is one of the leading institutes in Hyderabad for IAS coaching. Narayana took Alli's test and found him to be a very high potential candidate for qualifying for the civil services. They have reduced the fee for Alli considering his background and his performance by INR 25,000/- . 

His one year coaching will cost INR 1,00,000/ PLUS the campaign fee will be INR 1.12 L only. 


How does crowdfunding work?

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It’s s concept that allows a large number of funders (like you) to fund an Idea or a cause or event by giving small amounts of money online. Fueladream is a crowdfunding site and platform in India that allows for such a pooling of funds.

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Who gets the money ?

The money collected from this campaign less the crowdfunding fees is transferred directly to the account of the coaching institute in Hyderabad - THE NARAYANA INSTITUTE FOR CIVIL SERVICES 

Weekly Updates have been committed to after the campaign ends.
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