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Campaign To Showcase The Indian Pavilion At The London Design Biennale 2023.
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Through this campaign, we aim to represent India in London by creating a one-of-a-kind pavilion showcasing Indian Urban living.
INR 32,200
GOAL INR 20,00,000
Accepts funds from Indian Passport / ID holders only.
Campaign ended.

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Started from 05/05/2023
Ended on 26/05/2023
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8 km of hand-twisted rope !!
6 Tonnes of metal were processed !!
6000 handmade kulhads were made !!
55 pairs of young enthusiastic hands !!

All this has gone into creating a spectacular pavilion that had been designed to showcase Indian Urban living at this international event taking place in London. This is scheduled from 1st June - 25 June 2023 at the Somerset House, London. This is a spectacular venue overlooking the River Thames in central London.

This event will be attended by over one lakh people from across the globe. This pavilion will represent India at a global design forum and will showcase the uniqueness of Indian Urban living.

This is being done by the Design Village Foundation. We are a young, curious, diverse, and constantly growing community of creative thinkers from India. As part of a larger ecosystem, we, the students are encouraged to break boundaries and approach problems with thoughtful and courageous passion. We dare to dream and have the perseverance to realize them.

As part of our multidisciplinary education, we are extremely excited to represent India on the world stage of the 4th edition of the London Design Biennale. Titled—The Global Game: Remapping Collaborations—the biennale provides us with the opportunity to collaborate with urban design and architectural practice Archohm, and represent what India could bring to this global conversation


The picture shows the urban living off Indian streets which will be represented in the Pavilion.

Borrowing from India’s busy Chowks and ever-present Charpai, we look forward to presenting an Urban Living Room, blurring the boundaries of– inside and outside, private and public, individual and community, local and global. We collaborated with puppeteers from Kayakalp Trust’s Kathputli community, who have been working to preserve a dying storytelling technique. These larger-than-life puppets will adorn garments that are currently being stitched by the young girls of Savera Social Welfare Society, who are taught alongside us as part of The Design Village’s CSR effort.   

The India Pavilion is going to be a multi-sensory immersion into contemporary Indian chowks, where open markets, stories, smells, technology, and people co-exist. The Charpai- a traditional daybed, accompanies the chowk like an envelope- embodying “Indianness” through its multi-functionality and versatility.

The picture shows the vibrant Indian market which will be represented in the Pavilion.


8 Km of Hand-twisted jute rope, 6 tonnes of Metal processing, 6000 Handmade Kulhads, and 55 Pairs of young enthusiastic hands. 

The unsurmountable and continuous task of building the pavilion involves working for hands from 8 different industries at various stages - the hand-twisted Jute ropes (GI-protected by the state of West Bengal), the perfumers from the city of Kannauj (Boond).

Bringing the rich tapestry of Indian urbanity to the bank of the Thames

The logistical challenge of taking 16 volumetric tonnes of material and its assembly in the Somerset House cannot undermine the richness and authenticity of the representation of the Indian urban fabric. The assembly of the pavilion will require 80 pairs of hands. There are also efforts in place to ensure an ethical and responsible dismantling of the structure and recycling and re-use of its materials. 

Showcasing the stories of CHOWK inviting cross-cultural dialogues at the CHARPAI.

The essence of urban India cannot be fully captured by just the physical structures alone, as it is the stories and experiences that occur within these spaces that truly define the culture and atmosphere of urban living. Artisan puppeteers from the Kathputli colony in New Delhi working with Kayakalp Trust have taken the responsibility to illustrate this multifaceted storytelling which is very much a part of the urban Indian landscape at the Pavilion. Our cohort of young learners, facilitators, and designers will also activate the space for cross-cultural exchanges and dialogues during the duration of the Biennale. 


Your contribution would make us showcase the richness of Indian urbanity on a global stage.



We are a team of facilitators and students who represent our village of new dreams and try to pave ways to realize them. This crowdfunding is a way for us to take the innumerable dreams of love, passion, and compassion towards design and community to a global address.


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Fueladream Online Ventures Pvt Ltd account details are as below

BANK NAME: HDFC Bank Limited.
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Please draw a cheque in favour of "Fueladream Online Ventures Pvt Ltd", and deposit the cheque into the Fueladream Online Ventures Pvt Ltd HDFC Bank account (any branch across INDIA). After you deposit the cheque, please send an email to prasad@fueladream.com AND getintouch@fueladream.com with the following funder information.

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How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding in India is a relatively new concept and is growing very quickly.

It’s a concept that allows a large number of funders (like you) to fund an idea or cause or event by giving small amounts of money online. Fueladream.com is a crowdfunding platform in India that allows for such pooling of funds. You can fund innovations and ideas on FuelADream and be the first to get these products or make them come true. You can also do a good turn by funding charities and causes through crowdfunding. 

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Benefits for Goodwill Donor

1. "Supported by" mention on the official London Design Biennale website and official international communications and press coverage

2. Personalised engraved wooden plaques with the donor's name

3. “Supported by” mention in national communication channels.

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Delivery date: 07/2023
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Benefits for Primary Donors

1. "Primary Donor" acknowledgment on India Pavilion signage at London Design Biennale.

2. "Supported by" mention on the official London Design Biennale website and global press coverage

3. Personalised engraved wooden plaques with the donor's name

4.” Supported by” mention in national communication channels.

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Delivery date: 07/2023