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M S J KRISHNA KRITIN's Campaign To Impact The Life Of Orphans And Kids From Economically Stressed Homes For A Entire Year.
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
I am M S J KRISHNA KRITIN, 15 yrs & in the 9 grade at Sishya, Chennai. I want to change the life of orphan kids and kids from needy homes.
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INR 1,17,500
GOAL INR 20,000
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Started from 01/10/2018
Ended on 30/10/2018
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KIDS FOR KIDS – Students of Sishya, Chennai are raising awareness and funds to transform the lives of some orphan kids and many children who come from financially stressed homes. These children are from villages near a place called Gummidipoondi that is located about 2 hours from Chennai. The funds will be used to take care of their stay, food, education, transportation by bus to their school, medical costs for an entire year. This is being done in partnership with the Rotary Club of Madras.  They are housed in a sprawling 34 acre plus campus called the BOYS TOWN. The cost of all their expenses through the year would usually be anything from 50000 to 60000 INR but this can now be done for just INR 20000. 

What if just INR 20,000 can transform the lives of a needy child?  

Read on to discover how. 

I am doing this crowdfunding campaign in partnership with the Rotary Club of Madras.  They have created a campus called the Boys town at Gummidipoondi which has the infrastructure for housing about 120 children belonging to economically challenged homes chosen from the villages nearby. Currently, 105 kids reside here of which 21 are orphans.

These children grow up here and all their needs and expenses related to accommodation, food, schooling etc are taken care off with no costs to their families. During the day they are sent to nearby govt schools. They are given tuition in all subjects and all the children get good grades. This is a prime project of Rotary.

Rotary Club of Madras works and runs the program completely on funds received as a donation. The donated amount is utilised for covering the expenses of the stay, education, food, medical costs etc for a child for an entire year. The donors are eligible for tax exemption under 80G of IT Act.

Please fund this campaign and lets together transform the lives of needy kids from the rural villages and make this nation progress at the highest level. Receipts are issued by Rotary Club of Madras which is a non-profit.


The money raised will be given directly after the campaign ends to Rotary Club of Madras. They will then use the funds to transform the lives of needy children from rural villages. I shall then send you an update about the kid/kids who benefitted so that you know how your funds have been spent.


The kids how have passed out now have careers. Read the story below of PRAKASH. Your funding can impact and change lives like this.

The case below is of a student who currently is at the Boys Town campus. The objective is to help many kids like SIVAKUMAR and transform their lives. I can even get to meet the student/ kid whom I funded and impacted. This initiative can transform their lives and help get them out of the vicious cycle of poverty.



Hello, I am M S J KRISHNA KRITIN of Class 9 at the Sishya school at Chennai. My hobbies include basketball, debating, travelling, reading, teaching and tennis.

I have undertaken this campaign because I think being able to impact the life of a needy child (who possibly is my age or slightly younger) by giving them education, a place to stay, food, medicines, and other skills for an entire year would be incredible.

I have heard of initiatives before that did one or two of the above. This initiative, however, looks at the holistic growth of these children from who come from economically backward sections of society. This will definitely transform their lives and help them get jobs when they grow up and get their families out of the vicious cycle of ignorance and poverty. Through this campaign, I want to create the same opportunity for all those less fortunate children so that they get good food, a safe place to stay and a great education.

The fact that a contribution of just INR 20000 can make a difference to the life of a fellow student in a rural area for an entire year made me realise that I must do something about it. Please support my campaign as we can together transform the lives of at least one and possibly more such fellow students.



We are raising fund to transform the lives of needy children from rural villages near Gummidipoondi. Once the campaign ends we will post an update to keep you and the funders abreast of the beneficiaries. Feedback will be given as a report with pictures and a fact sheet about the students who got benefitted.


The Rotary Club of Madras Boys Town Society is located at Amarambedu village in Gummidipoondi Taluk of TN.



Funding for this campaign is eligible for tax breaks as Rotary Club of Madras is a registered trust and you can avail of benefits under section 80G of the IT act. Foreign funding is accepted too.


To ensure that there is complete transparency I shall get a report from Rotary Club of Madras (this takes between 1 to 3 months usually after the funds are raised & transferred to them) telling me who benefitted from the funding. The details will then be posted on the UPDATES section of my campaign and will be in a format like the one below. As soon as I post an update, the platform will send an SMS and EMAIL alert to all the funders - i.e. to you. Click on the link on the email and you can read about which child benefitted. That's transparent right.

The below image is an example of the FEEDBACK FORMAT that we will be shared with all my funders.


Will we get to know details of the persons who benefitted?

Yes. After the money has been collected it will be transferred by Fueladream to Rotary Club of Madras. It will take from 30 to 90 days after that to get details of who the beneficiary was with details of them. Once I get this information from them I shall upload this on the UPDATES section of this campaign. You will then get an alert & can read details about the beneficiaries.

What are the crowdfunding charges?

Fueladream charges 9% as crowdfunding charges to the NGO. There is a payment gateway fee of 3% (for both the Indian and foreign gateway) plus a GST component of 2.16%. This adds up to 14.16%. There is also an initial fee of 3000 INR which is being waived for us.  It still requires only INR 20000 to fund a child for a entire year.

When do I get the receipts?

It takes up to 2-3 weeks after the campaign is closed for the monies to be transferred to Rotary Club of Madras. The receipts will start getting processed about 4 to 6 weeks AFTER the campaign is closed and will be sent to you directly.

How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding in India is a relatively new concept & is growing very quickly.

It’s a concept that allows a large number of funders (like you) to fund an Idea or a cause or event by giving small amounts of money online. Fueladream.com is a crowdfunding platform in India that allows for such a pooling of funds. You can fund innovations & ideas on FuelADream and be the first to get these products or make them come true. You can also do a good turn by funding charities and causes through crowdfunding. When you fund a charity it’s more like a donation & you get small innovative rewards like a shout-out on an FB page or a thank you email from the beneficiaries

Updates have been committed to after the campaign ends.
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