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This Topper Deserves A Shot At The IIT-JEE!
Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India
He lost 3 years of schooling, comes from a low income family & still stood 4th (XI std)! Abhishek needs funds for coaching for IIT entrance
INR 52,000
GOAL INR 1,10,000
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Started from 05/01/2017
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My name is Srinivas Akkapalli, me and my wife, Santha Kumari Akkapalli have three children. We belong to a lower-middle class family, in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. My health has prevented me from working and this has caused an enormous strain on our family.

My eldest son, Abhishek Goud Akkapalli is a state topper (4th in the state) and is currently pursuing grade XII at the Ravi Junior college in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. He dreams of obtaining a B. Tech from an IIT. In order to do this, he needs to attend coaching classes which we are unable to finance.

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Image: Abhishek Akkapalli

Abhishek is a bright student whose favourite subjects are Physics and Mathematics. As a child, he was enrolled in Vigyana Bharathi, a private school in Kakinada. Due to financial constraints, we had to move to Hyderabad. We tried for 3 years to make life work in Hyderabad, but we were unsuccessful and during that period we couldn’t send him to school. He consequently missed school in the 3rd ,4th and 5th grades.

crowdfunding website in India

Image: Kakinada on the Andhra Pradesh Map

We then moved back to a Government High School in Kakinada where he studied for 5 years from VI to X. Inspite of missing 3 years of school he worked hard and graduated from high school (10th std) with a 9.3/10 G.P.A. After graduating from high school (i.e. the 10th standard) he joined Ravi Junior College. Abhishek scored 460/470 marks in the XI public examinations and was a college topper. At the betterment exam, he scored 4 more marks. With 464/470 marks, he stood 4th across Andhra Pradesh in the XI grade Public Examination. He is now in the 12th grade!

In this hyper-competitive world like ours, it is difficult for a bright child, like Abhishek to realise his dreams without coaching classes and additional infrastructure. However, my family’s meagre financial situation means that I can’t fulfil my child’s dream to reach his goal. We need your help to give our son a fighting chance at becoming an IIT engineer.


We found it very hard to pay his junior college fees itself. In order for him to receive IIT/EMCET coaching, we require INR 1 Lakh. In order to ensure total transparency, we will be routing the funds we raise here straight to the coaching centre. Please help our son to reach his goal!

Thank you!

crowdfunding website in India

Image: Attested letter from the college


Ravi Junior College located in Kakinada. It was formed back in the year 1998 by Mr. M Narayan, with a sole vision of imparted education to everyone irrespective of socio-economic standing. They have students from all walks of life enrolled at the college. Currently, the college has 260 students enrolled at it and offers Intermediate in both Telugu and English mediums. They recently started offering IIT coaching after seeing the promise shown by Abhishek.

crowdfunding website in India

Image: XI public examinations marks card


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