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Hi, I am Aanya Soni. I am the Youngest Indian selected for the IAE CLIMATE FORCE: ANTARCTICA 2018 EXPEDITION lead by Sir Robert Swan
INR 52,500
GOAL INR 5,50,000
Accepts funds from outside India, too.
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Started from 16/01/2018
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This is my 2nd crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for my ANTARCTICA EXPEDITION.

My first campaign on Fueladream was a massive success and generous funders helped me collect INR 11.18 L for the expedition. I had a few large sponsors  lined up to fund the balance amount. Unfortunately, one of my big sponsors could not close their commitment and I am now forced to do a second campaign to bridge the funding gap.

I need to raise another INR 5.5L and hence am requesting for your support once more. Once I cross this funding hurdle, I will be a part of the expedition as the youngest member of the team.

My participation was covered extensively in the Media 

We  have the privilege of representing the following sponsors during our Expedition :

Pine Labs

Government of Gujarat, Climate Change Department

Government of Gujarat, Tourism Department  

This is my first campaign dashboard.


I am Aanya a 13 year old girl studying at the residential Sahyadri School, Pune. I am passionate about the environment and want to make the world a better place to live in. I am the Youngest Indian to be selected for the IAE/CLIMATE FORCE: ANTARCTICA 2018 EXPEDITION by the 2041 FOUNDATION.  

Last year in school, we watched Al Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient truth”. I was totally moved by it and immediately thought of Robert Swan. I had seen Robert's Ted Talk earlier this year and was totally mesmerised by him. It was then that I felt the need to get on board this expedition and start work as soon as possible. 

What is the Antarctica 2018 Expedition and when is it?

The mission of the IAE/Climate Force: Antarctica 2018 Expedition is to build personal leadership skills among people who choose to embrace the challenge of sustaining all forms of life – in their families, communities, organizations and the planet. 80 people are chosen for this expedition every year with a hope that they make a change at  a community & corporate level and spread awareness about the effects of Climate Change. The expedition is from 27th Feb to 12th March 2018

I plan to bring back learning, a strong narrative, knowledge and real-time observations of Climate Change to build effective solutions to combat the effects in our communities in India. I will come back being a mascot of 2041 Foundation and create awareness to build a better world. I want to promote sustainability as part of our lives.


I am excited about this expedition and can't wait to get on the ship and start working towards helping build a better world. I am raising funds for this expedition. Since I am a minor, I need to travel with a guardian so my amazingly talented mom “Pratibha Soni” is going to join me on this amazing expedition to the last wilderness left on earth! 

My father works at Ecolibrium Energy. They help big and medium size industries optimize their energy in a sustainable and an ecologically balanced manner. I am very fascinated with their work and super proud of him. My mother is a home-maker and is constantly keeping herself busy and learning new things. My little sister Amyra is in Grade 2 and is super excited about this expedition. We have a golden retriever, Zoe and I honestly wish, I could take her with us to Antarctica. :) I enjoy studying Math and Biology. Football and cycling are my favourite sports. I am a dog-lover too. 

I am part of the “Kids4aCause” Core team, founded in 2015. We recycle materials and create functional and useful products.  Every year we send the money raised by selling these products towards a social cause like "IMDAD", an organization who bought blankets and medicines for the victims of the Kashmir floods, or to "HUG" during the Chennai floods disaster relief initiative. Last year we sent the money to "The National Indian Association" who utilised the money towards free distribution of supplementary educational books for class 12 girls.  

At Sahyadri School Pune, we take care of our environment. In small but simple ways, we save paper, grow vegetables, reuse our textbooks, save electricity and also use solar geysers. We are conscious about our ecosystem and make every effort to keep our campus and surroundings pollution free.

What is 2041?

Antarctica is a protected area, pristine and untouched by any kind of exploration. A 50-year treaty prohibiting any kind of exploration in Antarctica ends in 2041. Sir Robert Swan started the ”2041” Foundation to spread awareness  about climate change, Antarctica’s present condition and create leaders by 2041 to protect this treaty. 2041 is working to protect Antarctica and unite those who seek to protect our world and create a more sustainable, clean energy future. 

Who is Sir Robert Swan?

Sir Robert Swan is the first person to have walked to both the North and South Poles. He is a polar explorer, a leader in energy innovation and founder of the 2041 Foundation. Robert committed to his dream at the age of 11, achieved it with a team after 22 years and is now, on a 50 year mission to help preserve Antarctica. 

How much do I need to get on that ship?

We have been successful in raising most of the funds needed for the expedition, through crowdfunding [https://www.fueladream.com/home/campaign/2224], other funding as well as some amazing sponsors. 

We are still required to raise another 5.5 Lakhs to make it to our final goal. We are looking forward to your support to raise the remaining amount which will help me board that ship to Antarctica in February 2018. 

Why fund me?                                                     

By joining the ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 expedition I will become part of a vast global movement of change leaders from across the planet. With thousands of Climate Force/IAE alumni in over 100 countries, I will have access to a diverse set of ideas, resources, and connections. i will begin my life long Climate Force journey on this special expedition. 

Children are the future of this world and as a 13 year old I want to be a part of the leadership to create awareness about this treaty as well as lead a campaign to make small changes in our daily lives to live in a sustainable environment.

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Anurag Goel
All the best Aanya! Isheeta
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