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SARANYA GUPTA's Campaign To Help Team Blitz Falcon 6 Win The National Finals Tech Challenge Of F1 In Schools
Gurugram, Haryana, India
I am SARANYA GUPTA, a student at Pathways World School, Aravali. I would like to help Team Blitz Falcon 6 win the national finals tech challenge of "F1 IN SCHOOLS".
INR 11,600
GOAL INR 50,000
Accepts funds from outside India, too.

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Started from 25/02/2020
Ending on 09/04/2020
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F1 in Schools™ is the only truly global education programme that raises awareness of STEM and Formula 1 among students and school children in every region, in every country, on every continent. F1 in Schools™ Ltd is a social enterprise working with committed industry partners to provide an exciting yet challenging educational experience through the magnetic appeal of Formula 1. It offers a way to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) related subjects in such an exciting way.


Blitz Falcon 6 is a team six diligent Grade 10 students of Pathways World School, Aravali who participated in F1 in Schools™ North India regional finals at Shiv Nadar School, Noida. This team was proudly one of the 10 teams out of 33 other who qualified for the National Round, held in Amity University, in the Month of April 2020.

F1 in Schools™ is an international STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) competition for school children, in which groups of 3–6 students have to design and manufacture a miniature car out of the official F1 Model Block using CAD/CAM design tools. The cars are powered by CO₂ cartridges and are attached to a track by a nylon wire.

Pathways World School’s team, “Blitz Falcon 6” comprised of 6 members, Shaurya Panwar, the design engineer, Saranya Gupta, the graphic designer, Yajvin Bhalla, the manufacturing engineer, Shaurya Agarwal, the Sponsorship Manager, Aastik Khandelwal, the Resource Manager and finally, Sara Sehgal, the Team Manager.

The team members are:

     1. Sara Sehgal - Team Manager

     2. Shaurya Agarwal - Sponsorship Manager

     3. Yajvin Bhalla - Manufacturing Engineer

     4. Saranya Gupta - Graphic Designer

     5. Aastik Khandelwal - Resource Manager

     6. Shaurya Panwar - Design Engineer


Blitz Falcon 6 symbolizes each member as a peregrine falcon in a storm. It portrays our strong impact, speed and teamwork in a competition. Blitz, lightning-fast revolutionary attacks in WW2 which changed the face of war, portrays how equipment and resources used together efficiently can lead to a successful outcome. ‘Blitz’ stands for sudden impact or attack, ‘Falcon’ stands for the Falcon bird, the fastest animal, and ‘6’ stands for the 6 team members.

This competition helped the students learn a variety of skills and techniques like communication with a multitude of people, designing a fast car, fundraising and collecting sponsorships, acquiring resources etc. They learnt how to build their team identity through this journey and make a brand of their own. Their cars were tested on a track for their speed, reaction time and aerodynamics. The immense amount of hard work by Pathways World School’s students had finally paid off upon being selected for the National Round, after three long months of preparation and rigorous thinking.

Team Blitz Falcon 6 has made a budget of Rs 3.02 lacs for various activities. This includes the Registration, Car Manufacturing, Pit Display, Testing, Marketing and Merchandise.

A detailed breakup of the cost is given below



My name is SARANYA GUPTA. I am a student at Pathways World School, Aravali and part of a student team called Team Blitz Falcon 6. Team Blitz Falcon 6 is one of the 10 teams who have been qualified for the National level F1 in Schools™ competition to be held at Amity University, in the month of April 2020. F1 in Schools™ is a Tech Challenge for students that are run across 45 countries.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for me and my team. We will get the chance to not only compete but also win this competition and get qualified for the International level event to be held in Singapore by the end of the year. I am raising funds to get us to represent our school at the National level and make everyone proud. Help us get there and be a part of something great. 



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