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Bangalore, Karnataka, India
I am RIDDHIMA AGARWAL, 17 years & in Grade 12 at DPS Bangalore North. With your help, I want to support the treatment of a child who is diagnosed with CANCER.
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Started from 22/07/2019
Ended on 12/08/2019
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FACTS: Cancer is a leading cause of death in children and adolescents around the world and approximately 300000 children aged 0 to 19 years old are diagnosed with cancer each year. The problem is huge in India too and it creates havoc in the lives of many families. Through this crowdfunding campaign and with your help I would like to fund the treatment of a child from a poor home who is suffering from cancer. 

The biggest challenge for many parents is funding the cost of treatment of their child. The Chemotherapy (which forms part of the Intensive treatment cycle) costs in most hospitals could be from 3 to 5L INR. For those kids from poor homes who are not covered by the Govt scheme of free or low-cost treatment, this is an impossible amount to fund. 

However, thanks to this amazing initiative run by ROTARY SOUTH WEST BANGALORE, ROTARY BANGALORE INDIRANAGAR in partnership with the Kidwai and St John's hospital in Bangalore the cost of this treatment is as low as 72000 INR for a 12-month cycle ( ie approximately 6000 INR per month).

Read on to discover how. 


I am doing this crowdfunding campaign in partnership with ROTARY BANGALORE INDIRANAGAR, ROTARY BANGALORE SOUTH WEST. They have a tie-up with KIDWAI CANCER DRUG FOUNDATION(KCDF) & ST. JOHNS HOSPITAL which allows them to offer cancer drugs & medicines to children with cancer at a very low cost. This treatment is done at the KIDWAI & ST. JOHNS HOSPITALS.

Costs are lower because the medicines required for the intensive treatment are procured at a very low price through KCDF. The children who benefit from this initiative are NOT eligible for any govt grant as they are not domicile of Karnataka but live here. My aim is to raise INR 18000 or more to support the treatment of a child for 3 months or more. 

Please fund this campaign and lets together help a young life and bring a smile to the parents and siblings of this child. This campaign has 80 G tax benefits as the receipts are issued by ROTARY BANGALORE INDIRANAGAR which is registered as an NGO. 


All funding has 80 G tax benefit. You get receipts from ROTARY BANGALORE INDIRANAGAR. You will get feedback also on how the funds are used and which child benefitted.


The below visual shows you the different elements involved in treating a child. We will be funding the Intensive treatment element which involves the cost of chemotherapy and other medicines.

Approximate cost to fund the intensive care treatment cost is only INR 72000. In other hospital's this cost is between 2.5 to 5L INR. This is usually for 12-months. That is equivalent to INR 6000 per month on an average.



My name is RIDDHIMA AGARWAL and I am a Grade 12 student at DPS Bangalore North.

My classmates & I got to know about crowdfunding and how we can help children suffering from Cancer who come from the economically weaker classes of society. It definitely sounded like something I would want to do. Cancer is a leading cause of death for children and adolescents around the world and is devastating for both the child and their family.

While all of us complain about how things around us need to improve, very few of us actually get to do something about it. It's all talk and no action. Thanks to the tie-up with Rotary the cost of intensive treatment for chemotherapy (that is what we are funding) is done at cost of just 72000 INR per child for a 12-month period. This is versus a very high cost of between INR 3 to 5L  for the same treatment at other hospitals. I have undertaken this campaign because I don’t think children belong in hospitals.

My aim is to raise INR 18000 to support a child for 3 months. (Ie. INR 6000 per month).If we can raise 36000 INR we can fund the treatment for 6 months. So please do not stop funding my campaign even after we get past the goal. Please contribute generously and do support this initiative by spreading the word on social media.



This campaign is being done in partnership with Rotary Bangalore South West & Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar. 

Rotary Bangalore Southwest (RBSW) is one of the very active clubs in Rotary International District (RID) 3190 involved in community service. RBSW was chartered in 1981. In its 32 years of existence, it has rendered many community service projects in & around South Bangalore. RBSW’s flagship programs include “Water for Life”, “One Free Dialysis a Day” and “Disaster Relief”. Under “Water for Life” RBSW has facilitated safe drinking water to children by providing Water Filters to needy schools. Under “One Free Dialysis a Day” RBSW supports Free Dialysis program of Bangalore Kidney Foundation. RBSW has been consistently providing “Emergency and Rehabilitation Relief” through survival kits and reconstruction program to the people affected by natural calamities. 

Rotary Bangalore Southwest (RBSW) has set up a 12-bed Pediatric Chemotherapy Centre at Rangadore Memorial Hospital, Shankarapuram, Basavangudi, Bangalore, India to help economically weaker sections of the society.  This center was set up with funding from The Rotary Foundation (TRF).

RBSW also has set up a Neonatal Intensive Care Units at P D Hinduja Sindhi Hospital, Bangalore. NICU plays a crucial role in reducing Infant Mortality Rate in poor urban populations. Even in a metro like Bangalore, only a few private hospitals have NICU and they are very expensive. This unit is providing intensive care to the newborn requiring neonatal treatment at a cost affordable by people from economically weaker sections.

Under “Health for life” project RBSW has been providing financial support to children with cancer in the curable state from economically weaker section of the society from 2012. RBSW has associated with KIDWAI cancer institute and St. John’s Medical College Hospital to provide cancer treatment to children. Till now RBSW has provided financial support to nearly 150 children with funding from The Rotary Foundation with a survival rate of 80%. This has encouraged RBSW to continue “Health for life” project and plans to provide financial support more than 100 children in the next two years.


Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology (KMIO), Bangalore is a Regional Cancer Centre (RCCs). KMIO is a recognized exclusive tertiary cancer care center cum academic and research institutes, delivering modern health care by groups of trained professionals and paraprofessionals coming together as interdisciplinary teams and has facilities for advanced medical investigation and treatment. KMIO was accorded RCC status on 1st Nov 1980 by Government of India and is a member of UICC and recognized by WHO. KMIO is State Government Autonomous Institute. The Indian Council of Medical Research has recognized this referral Institution as a research organization.

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology commemorates the memory of one of the most distinguished sons of India. Shri Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, who played a great role in the freedom struggle and later worked shoulder to shoulder with other national leaders in strengthening the roots of democracy and secularism in our country. The then Governor of Bombay donated 20 acres of the Campus land and Rs.1.00 lakh for the Radiotherapy machine.

The St. John’s Medical College Hospital was conceived as the cradle of clinical learning for all our graduates and postgraduates affiliated to our institutes across the health fields of medicine, nursing, paraclinical and allied health. This professional education can only occur by providing learning experiences that are academically sound, holistic, comprehensive and professionally delivered by our physicians who are also faculty. The hospital began functioning on the 8th December 1975 and has steadily grown from a few hundred beds and units to over 40 full-fledged departments providing care and treatment services, both specialty and super specialty.



Funding to this campaign is eligible for tax breaks as Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar Trust and Rotary Bangalore South West Charitable trust are registered trusts & you can avail of benefits under section 80G of the IT act 1961. Foreign funding is not accepted. 


To ensure that there is complete transparency I shall get a report from Rotary ( this takes between 3 to 6 months usually after the funds are raised & transferred to them) telling me who benefitted from the funding. The details will then be posted on the UPDATES section of my campaign and will be in a format like the one below. As soon as I post an update, the platform will send an SMS and EMAIL alert to all the funders - i.e to you. Click on the link on the email and you can read about which child benefitted. That's transparent right.

The below info is an example of the FEEDBACK FORMAT that we will be shared with all my funders. 


Will we get to know the details of the child who benefitted?

Yes. After the money has been collected it will be transferred by Fueladream to  ROTARY BANGALORE INDIRANAGAR. It will take from 90-180 days after that to get details of who the beneficiary child was with details of their parents, their picture, etc. Once I get this information from the team at ROTARY, I shall upload this on the UPDATES section of this campaign. You will then get an alert & can read details about the beneficiary.

When do I get the receipts?

It takes a week after the campaign is closed for the monies to be transferred. The receipts will start getting processed about 2 to 3 weeks AFTER the campaign is closed and will be sent to you directly.

How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding in India is a relatively new concept & is growing very quickly.

It’s s concept that allows a large number of funders (like you) to fund an Idea or a cause or event by giving small amounts of money online. Fueladream is a crowdfunding site and platform in India that allows for such pooling of funds.

You can fund innovations & ideas on FuelADream and be the first to get these products or make them come true. You can also do a good turn by funding charities and causes through crowdfunding. When you fund a charity it’s more like a donation & you get small innovative rewards like a shout-out on a FB page or a thank you email from the beneficiaries.

Updates have been committed to after the campaign ends.
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This patient's treatment has been partly funded by you

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